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Wade Phillips interviewing for Broncos defensive coordinator

The Broncos are "ready to move."

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Wade Phillips is in the building. Dove Valley HQ, that is.

The Denver Broncos are interviewing Phillips for their defensive coordinator opening, according to multiple reports, the most interesting of which states that the team is "ready to move."

Presumably, that means the Broncos are ready to move on from Vance Joseph. Despite reports of multiple conversations between the Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals and two Denver Post columns oddly playing the race card, the Bengals haven't budged. It doesn't look like Vance Joseph will be the Broncos defensive coordinator.

The Post notes that 2014 was Phillips' first year out of coaching since 1975. Phillips, 67, has served as both defensive coordinator and head coach of the Broncos in the late 80's/early 90's and served under Gary Kubiak as Texans defensive coordinator from 2011-13.

Reports that the Broncos would like to have their defensive coordinator hired by early this week seem to have merit. The Broncos could announce a Phillips hiring as soon as Tuesday.

For more on how Phillips' 3-4 scheme would fit with the Broncos, check out our scouting report from Bronco Mike.