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Did Wade Phillips just tip us all off?

Defensive coordinator candidate Wade Phillips had some interesting activity on social media yesterday.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Son of a Bum! Did Wade Phillips just accidentally let us all know that he is getting hired by the Denver Broncos after interviewing Tuesday?

An astute Twitter user (@Marc100Prcnt) sent this tweet to our friend D-Mac of Denver's KKFN-FM (he was kind enough to tweet us as well).

It appears that Phillips suddenly started following these Broncos players some time during or after his interview at Dove Valley Tuesday. Why would Mr. Phillips have such an interest all of a sudden in Denver's players?

Sure, Phillips follows some big-named NFL players. As of the time that I am writing this, Phillips follows 243 people on Twitter, 20 of whom are current Broncos (and some former players that he may not be aware no longer play for Denver like Zane Beadles and Wesley Woodyard). Here's the thing about the Broncos that he follows: some of them are a little obscure, like Mitch Unrein and Tony Carter-- not quite Clay Matthews and Eddie Lacy, who he also follows.

Did @sonofbum (so named because his father was Bum Phillips) inadvertently let us know these players would be worth following because he'll be coaching them?

John Elway and Co. hoped to hear final word back early this week from the Cincinnati Bengals regarding Vance Joseph's availability to being employed by Denver. However, the writing may already be on the wall, Perry Fewell was hired by the Washington Redskins earlier today to coach their secondary. There was thinking last week that the Bengals may hire Fewell to replace Joseph and allow Joseph take the defensive coordinator job in Denver.

While we await word from Denver, word on the tweet is that Phillips may be the guy.