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Terrance Knighton deleted his Twitter account... why?

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Pot Roast is no longer "Mr. Knighton 2 u"... not in social media, anyway.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Our favorite defensive lineman suddenly deleted his Twitter account last week not long after this tweet riled up a few (thousand) Patriots fans:

Could it be that all the Pats fans trolling Terrance Knighton on Twitter actually ran the 335-pound tackle off the social network?

Unlikely. Have you seen Pot Roast ever back down from a fight?

Dear @MrKnighton2u, We look forward to your return - both to the Broncos next season and to Twitter.   -MHR

More likely he realized (or was gently persuaded to agree) that as an upcoming Free Agent, it might be wise to turn the tweets off for a few weeks. After all, what if the Patriots came calling? Then looked at his timeline. Awkward.

Or maybe Twitter was just a distraction for a big man on vacation, as one person claims Knighton said.

For the record, we asked the Broncos for comment or to point us to Pot Roast or his publicist so we could ask him why he's suddenly disappeared from 140-character social media. That request was not returned.

Dear @MrKnighton2u - We here at MHR look forward to your return - both to the Broncos next season as well as to Twitter. You were our favorite follow, after all. Thank you, the MHR staff.