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Create-A-Caption Contest: Let's get this Super Bowl over with Edition

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Create a caption for this picture and win a prize! Think witty, hilarious, and clever - and remember to keep it clean. And yes, I know that's going to be hard this week. Give us your best caption in the comments.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's the Super Bowl edition of the MHR caption contest!

As a Broncos fan I just can't get excited about watching the Super Bowl this year. My family is having a party, like we do every year, complete with cocktails named after the competing teams (the "Grey Hoodie" and the "Dirty Birds" are this year's entries).

However, I think I'm going to be doing a lot more chatting with friends (while perhaps sipping on an orange screwdriver) than watching the game on Sunday.

One way I'm coping with my Super Bowl sadness is by choosing the most awkward photo of Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick I could find for the MHR caption contest. I'm hoping to crack some smiles when I look at the comments section during the game. Don't let me down!

What is the MHR Create-a-Caption contest you ask? Every week MHR will give you a photo and we're looking to you to create the funniest, wittiest, most hysterically awesome caption for it.

One winner every week will get two GrOpeners - one orange and one blue! What is a GrOpener, you ask? Check it out below:

Enter your wittiest, most clever captions in the comments.

The winner of the Create-a-Caption contest will be announced next week. Good luck! Make sure your email address with SB Nation is up to date so I can get you the prize!

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"HEY! I don't have to live in BALTIMORE any longer!"