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Horse Tracks: Chris Harris nicknames Brock Osweiler 'Joe Flacco Jr.'

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Good Morning Broncos Country!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos Pro Bowl cornerback Chris Harris Jr. nicknamed backup quarterback Brock Osweiler "Joe Flacco Jr." on Friday.

Harris appeared on The Sports Show with Woody Paige and Les Shapiro yesterday, and compared backup quarterback Brock Osweiler to a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

"Gary Kubiak is a great fit for Brock," Harris told The Sports Show on Friday with Woody Paige and Les Shapiro from Radio Row. "Brock is Joe Flacco Jr. He has the big arm. He’s tall like Joe. He’s mobile. He’s the same mobile as Joe.

This is a very good comparison made by Harris. Both quarterbacks are tall(Flacco at 6'6, and Osweiler at 6'8), both have big arms, and both are athletic guys for their size.

Joe Flacco had a career year in Gary Kubiak's offense in Baltimore so it will interesting to see if Osweiler can have similar success in his offense if/when he is given the opportunity.

"To bring a guy like Kubiak that’s worked with Joe Flacco last year and had success with him," Harris said. "I think in the future, Kubiak’s a better fit for Brock than Gase would be offensive-wise."

That's an interesting statement right there by Harris about Gase.

Osweiler is a great fit in Gary Kubiak's offense. It's a run-based offense where the run sets up the pass. That will help Osweiler early on, and he has the mobility to do the bootlegs that are a staple of Kubiak's offense. Also, Brock will be able to take shots down field off the play action passes because he has a big arm.

Julius Thomas talks contract:

Tight end Julius Thomas appeared on NFL Network's Super Bowl coverage on Friday and talked a little bit about his contract situation with the Broncos.

Cornerback Chris Harris took a "hometown discount" in December when he signed his contract extension, and soon to be free agent Demaryius Thomas also said he would take a hometown discount as well. So it will be interesting to see if Julius will give on or not.

Julius's most two productive years in the NFL were with Manning at quarterback, so Manning retiring could play a role in his decision.

Ultimately I still do believe that the Broncos and Julius Thomas will part ways this offseason.

The Broncos are raising ticket prices:

It's going to cost a few extra dollars to see a Denver Broncos game next season according to the Denver Post's Mike Klis.

The upper sections are going up $2 to $5 and lower sections going up $10 a seat. This past season the Broncos ranked 11th in the NFL last season with an average ticket cost of $99.13.

"We think prices are reasonable when compared to the rest of the NFL," said Mac Freeman, the Broncos' senior vice president of business operations. "The prices are reasonable when you consider what the secondary market is telling us they're worth. Where is this revenue going? It's going to putting a competitive team on the field, and delivering a great fan experience at the stadium."

Are you okay with having to a pay a little more to attend Denver Broncos games next season?

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