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AFC Wild Card: Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts - Live Blog

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking for their first playoff victory in nearly 25 years, but they must overcome an Indianapolis Colts team that annihilated them 27-0 earlier in the regular season.
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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday, January 4, 2015 - 12:05 PM MDT
Indianapolis Colts




21st Pass Off. 1st
6th Rush Off. 22nd
20th Pass Def. 12th
20th Rush Def. 18th
10-5-1 Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN 11-5
3rd AFC North Spread: Colts by 4 1st AFC North

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When the Baltimore Ravens took down the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, I got hyped up about the possibility of the Denver Broncos getting a shot at revenge against the Cincinnati Bengals if they could beat the Indianapolis Colts today. Then I saw a report that A.J. Green was ruled out with a concussion for today's game. Yep, so much for that pipe dream!

Andy Dalton has one read on any given Sunday and that one read's name is A.J. Green. The Colts dominated the Bengals earlier this season and without Green in the lineup, why should I think today's outcome will be any different?

For the Colts, Andrew Luck seems to be a bit streaky at times as the offense can be red hot or ice cold. They need to put up some points today and keep the pressure on Dalton to match it. Dalton, without he help of Bill Vinovich, will crumble under the weight of his own inability to read NFL defenses. If I sound bitter. I am.

At the end of the day, I'll be rooting for the Bengals, but I am predicting a runaway Colts victory. I can't really pick a team who hasn't won a playoff game in 25 years anyway. That would just be crazy.

Prediction: Colts 31, Bengals 10.

What is your prediction, Broncos Country?

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