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No Bull vs. Instant Reactions: 2015 playoff hopes for the Broncos defense

Sadaraine and Big Pete discuss how our defense looks heading into the playoff and discuss their takes on what we should see from the team.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Let's continue with the discussion! In Part 1 Monday, we discussed the Broncos offense. This is Part 2, where we discuss the Broncos defense heading into the playoffs. Part 3 will cover special teams and coaching.

This time we're digging into some interesting aspects of our defense. Remember to use the scrollbar on the right side to read through all of our questions and discussion points.


Now it is your turn MHR!

You know the drill! Add your two cents below. Who do you agree with? What did we miss? What else would you like our thoughts on? We've got a bye week, let's dig in and get ready for some Denver Broncos playoff football baby!