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NFL Playoff Power Rankings: Predicting the Super Bowl finish

Anyone can do a regular old Power Rankings for the Divisional round of the playoffs, but I'm going to take it a step further and rank where teams will finish all the way through the Super Bowl!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the NFL Divisional Playoffs, people! With eight teams left in the tournament, who are the best and where will they finish in this final run of the 2014 season? I have the answers thanks largely to my prognosticating abilities that were on full display just this last weekend. Need proof, here you go:

That's right, I'm a stud. Besides these power rankings will be my last chance to troll thin-skinned, fair weather Seattle Seahawks fans. I just couldn't pass up on a chance to do that! Gasp! How dare I make fun of people in a blog post, you say? Outrageous, you say? Yes, I know. And like Jay Cutler, don't care!

On with the rankings that will surely upset those aforementioned Seahawks fans!



Denver Broncos

Record 15-4. After winning a scary one against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos steamroll the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game to get a rematch in the Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks. Except this time, the Broncos defense is Seattle's equal as both were the only two defenses in the NFL to lead the league in DVOA rankings and in average yards per play this season. Match that with the superior Broncos offense (this time anyway) and the Lombardi Trophy will finally come home to where it belongs. Final score will be closer than it appears, with the Broncos winning 31-21.


Seattle Seahawks

Record 14-5. The Seattle Seahawks, on the other hand, almost get embarrassed by the woeful Carolina Panthers next week, but then proceed to dismantle Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. This gives Vegas and "experts" all of the ammunition they need to assume that the Broncos would suffer the same fate in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, they would be wrong and the Seahawks would be left wanting that day. Marshawn Lynch would immediately leave town for good and the so-called Seahawks dynasty comes to an abrupt and permanent end. How sad for them. All their fans are now going to disappear back to whence they came. Now, please proceed to the comment area to let me know what you think. I know you won't be able to let this go, so just get it over with.


Dallas Cowboys

Record 14-5. Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys would ride one terrible call into Lambeau Field and right the wrong that occurred during the Ice Bowl all those decades ago. In one of the most exciting playoff games of the year, the Green Bay Packers and Cowboys would trade blows all day long. And finally, with the ball at the end of the game and in need of a touchdown, Tony Romo will silence his critics, finally, in his eleventh year in the league. Unfortunately, the Packers do not boast the Legion of Boom and those critics will be coming right back out after Romo is obliterated in the NFC Championship game. Poor Romo.


Baltimore Ravens

Record 12-7. The team I pegged as the dark horse contender, proves me right by slaying the dragon in the dragons lair. Joe Flacco maintains his perfect run for one more week to lead his Baltimore Ravens to victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. However, that victory would only assure that his team would be curb stomped by the Denver Broncos in the second biggest game of the year. No double overtime this year, just a knock the F out as Flacco is unable to find anywhere to go against the No Fly Zone. Intercepted three times, the Ravens season ends in a 41-20 beating at the hands of the Broncos. That's elite!


New England Patriots

Record 12-5. Now for a string of a couple one and dones. First up, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The one team that makes their lives a living hell, beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and advanced to their house. The Ravens would win in a way that only the Ravens could win. In a seemingly impossible desperation play that somehow is miraculously completed for a touchdown to win the game. Say good bye to your Super Bowl aspirations, Tom. It's okay, just let it out buddy.


Green Bay Packers

Record 12-5. If there was one team I really like that I wish I could have ranked higher it would Aaron Rodgers and these Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, they will somehow find a way to lose this weekend to the Dallas Cowboys, ending what was a fine season for the Packers organization. With the best and most dynamic quarterback in the league, they should be right back in this spot in 2015. If their defense can stay health for more than four weeks, then they could easily win another Super Bowl within the next couple of years. Just not until Peyton retires, of course.


Indianapolis Colts

Record 12-6. The Indianapolis Colts cruised through the Cincinnati Bengals, but Andrew Luck would find himself stymied by the Broncos No Fly Zone. Yet, like few others, Luck would lead a ferocious comeback that would fall short. Seriously, people. Peyton FREAKING Manning isn't going to lose a home playoff game to the guy who replaced him in Indianapolis. It just isn't going to happen. Period.


Carolina Panthers

Record 8-9-1. The second worst playoff team in NFL history (the Seahawks own the distinction as the worst playoff team ever by the way) will find their season come to an end at the Clink, but not before Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers give the Seahawks quite a scare in their own house. Russell Wilson would need to lead a game winning drive to secure victory against one of the worst playoff teams in NFL history. I will be spending that day laughing hysterically, but only because I enjoy irritating Seahawks fans. That's it folks, this is how the chips are to fall beginning this weekend!