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Peyton Manning practice video causes Twitter to ask if Manning's healthy

All caps make everything more credible, right?

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Update (1/8/15, 8:30 p.m. MT): As several readers have pointed out in the comments, the doctor that tweeted concern over Manning's thigh has quite a checkered past (take it away, Deadspin). He "stepped down" from his position with the Chargers in 2013 after two San Diego hospitals banned him from performing surgeries at their locations. Original story below:

Yes, Peyton Manning is healthy.

Indianapolis sports reporter Rich Nye posted a video on Instagram on Thursday afternoon of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning during practice. Nye's caption: "Peyton Manning play-action pass drill at #Broncos practice. Does he look healthy?"

Nothing to see here, right?

Not so fast says David Chao, an Orthopedic Surgeon who worked in the NFL for 17 years.

ESPN's Adam Schefter retweeted Chao's tweet to his 3.38 million followers, and the story has quickly become a hot topic. But it's likely an overblown hot topic.

Manning has never been a very mobile quarterback. And while he has been bothered by a thigh injury this year, he has fully participated in both of Denver's practices this week.

I'm no doctor, but Manning hasn't missed any practice time and he looked (to my eyes) fine in the video. It seems that Nye and Chao are trying to create a story out of nothing.

What's your take? Did Manning look OK in Nye's video?