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It's time to bench Peyton Manning: Instant reactions from Denver's 16-10 win over Raiders

You all need to wake up and figure out that it's HOW we are winning, not simply THAT we are winning.

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Editor's Note: Big Pete gives his instant reactions following the Broncos' game. Not everyone at MHR agrees with Pete's #HotTake, but that's the beauty of sports blogging, isn't it? Let us know your take in the comments!

Let's start with this stat that says everything.


You know what that means, right? And yes, I'm laying into one PIWUM (Peyton I'm Washed Up Manning). If Tim Tebow led a more efficient scoring offense than Peyton Manning, then Brock freaking Osweiller can too. What more proof do you need?

Do you know what else Brock can do? He can throw two interceptions and look horrible in doing it. He can also make wide-open receivers have to slow down, adjust their routes, and give up any chance of yards after catch while waiting for a pass. In fact, I bet that every backup quarterback can do such things.

It's HOW we are winning, not THAT we are winning. We are winning because of defense and special teams. We are practically losing because of Peyton Manning and the offense.

Thank God I was wrong in our predictions piece thread, but this win was more about the Raiders beating themselves than anything the Broncos did. Two missed field goals? Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as the pair of interceptions Peyton threw.

But man, that Chris Harris Jr. sure is good! Love that guy! Same to Von Miller. That strip sack of Derek Carr was a man taking a football from a boy. "You look alright so far, kid, but you've got a ways to go."


Let's face reality, shall we? Peyton Manning is no longer a good QB. He simply isn't. While we have no idea if Brock is a good, bad, horrible, or amazing QB, we do know that Peyton is officially a bad quarterback. He can't wait for the defense to open up and give him a chance because his physical tools are no longer there. That's why he has to make his decision before the snap and it's why he's making so many awful throws.

We are just incapable of running the plays the way they are designed because of our quarterback's deficiencies.

Our running game could be fine. Do you know why it isn't fine? It's running out of the pistol. That's what isn't fine! And do you know why we have to run out of the pistol? Yep, it's because we have a bad quarterback who is incapable of running a play from under center like good running games require. All running backs want to run out of the I formation. But until we get someone who isn't 500 years old and practically in an old folks home back there, that will never happen and well keep saying the running game is broken without actually admitting why it is broken.

Sure the offensive line isn't the best, but running with a fullback can help mitigate that. Disguising what the play is because you have a competent QB who can drop back from under center can mitigate that. That is why I say our running game could be fine; we are just incapable of running the plays the way they are designed because of our quarterback's deficiencies.

Our WRs got zero help from their quarterback today. Absolutely none. Every catch they made was a great catch and a great adjustment. Even routine catches had to be adjusted to because of the bad play of the quarterback.

It's time to bench Peyton Manning.

**Note: I refuse to qualify away Manning's INT in the endzone by saying Hillman should have caught a TD the play before. I will not qualify DT missing  a hard catch in the endzone later in the game either. Human beings play the game, not cyborgs. Games are determined on the field, not on a piece of paper. If you qualify away those plays, then you qualify away Chris Harris' pick-six, because that was a bad WR route that never should have happened. You qualify away two missed FGs because one was low and the other, who knows, but I'm sure there was a reason. You also qualify away Von's strip sack because Carr was doing very good up until then. Losers qualify things. Winners build bridges and move on. I'm asking you all to be winners and not qualify things to try to make cheap excuses as to why Manning is washed up.


Once again, our defense won this game. Seriously, this game was won by our defense and special teams. Chris Harris Jr. has scored more TDs than our entire offense today! Without Harris's pick six, the Broncos lose this game 9-10. How frightening is that?

Von Miller is a beast. DeMarcus ware needs to get healthy because that dude is balling out of his mind. Please get well soon Ware, you are vital to this team's success and one hell of a great guy!

Our defensive line was stout. They stopped the run all day and provided constant pressure on the Carr all day.

And as always, they bailed the offense out when they needed it the most.

Like I predicted in the prediction thread, they would be hard pressed to score 10-13 points. They scored 10. Right on the nose with that one! Thank God I was wrong about the other half of my prediction, even though Manning did do everything he could possibly do to lose this game.

Special Teams

McManus is now to be referred to as McMoney! Thanks Tim for that one.

McManus is playing lights out. Is there a kick he can't make? Talk about offseason development. He took out that stupid jump step and became arguably the best kicker in the NFL. Wow, just wow! And to think we all thought he wasn't going to make the team unless he was a kickoff specialist!

Just like in the Tebow years, these wins are all about amazing defense and spectacular kicking.


Okay Broncos Country. Time for you to show that you are smart fans and call for Manning's head, or ridiculously defend a bad quarterback because you refuse to face reality. The choice is yours. But if you take away your emotion while evaluating this team, you'll be a hell of a lot smarter when talking about this game on Monday at work!