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Horse Tracks: Broncos make it to Monday, 5-0

Folks, there's a lot to be happy about in Denver. The Broncos again find themselves 5-0 and the defense is dominating. However, five games in, there are clearly problems with the offense. Line play has improved, but there's still no running game, and... Does it really need to be said?

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You gotta celebrate 5-0! Winning against a division rival, even a perennial non-factor like the Raiders, isn't anything to shake a hula-skirt at. It was much closer than it should have been. The Raiders offense is much improved, but as usual they couldn't overcome their own mistakes... Thank goodness.

So what about the Broncos offense? How does this get fixed? The weather is going to turn colder and it's only going to get harder to grind out much needed yards. Folks, gone are the days when Peyton would take the field and churn out 30+ points. If it were going to happen, it would have happened by now and especially against the Raiders.

The Broncos have a great opportunity to make some noise this year with their defense. Elway and Kubiak need to make some tough decisions here in the coming weeks or risk squandering the very thing that makes the 2015 Broncos special. To sit idly by hoping things will improve is just not going to work. Moves need to be made before Green Bay and New England come to town.


So what moves need to be made? MHR's Pete Baron endorses the nuclear option. It's time to bench Peyton Manning: Instant reactions from Denver's 16-10 win over Raiders - Mile High Report

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Clearly, the 'want' is there, but is that enough? Will it suddenly click? Peyton Manning: I want to do better | ProFootballTalk contributor Andrew Mason takes a look at three reasons the Broncos came out victorious in Oakland. Three Keys Unlocked: Denver 16, Oakland 10

It seems like injuries happen more in division games, doesn't it? Juwan Thompson, Aqib Talib, and Demarcus Ware all left the game with injuries:

Injured Aqib Talib says he'll be back soon - The Denver Post

DeMarcus Ware of Denver Broncos leaves game vs. Oakland Raiders with back injury

Meanwhile, a former Denver Bronco is fighting a different kind of injury. Tight end Daniel Fells needs all your good thoughts to battle a MRSA infection that could cost him his foot. MRSA-stricken Daniel Fells tweets New York Giants good luck from bed - New York Giants Blog - ESPN

The Sunday Sacco! Former Broncos PR guru takes a look at Oakland's black hole. Note: Not the vacant upper deck of the Raiders' stadium. Sundays with Sacco: Tales from the Black Hole

It just keeps getting worse for the Kansas City Chiefs. Their stud running back may be done for the season. Jamaal Charles of Kansas City Chiefs suffers knee injury against Chicago Bears

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler surprised everyone with uncharacteristically clutch play to top the Chiefs in the closing seconds of Sunday's game. Bears top Chiefs with game-winning TD in final seconds -

Every undefeated team remained unbeaten on Sunday. Granted, Carolina didn't play, but that doesn't make them any less undefeated:

Falcons stay perfect with overtime win over Redskins -

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...and the Bengals? They beat the struggling Seahawks. Seattle Seahawks collapse in second half vs. Cincinnati Bengals - Seattle Seahawks Blog - ESPN

With so many undefeated teams, news outlets are already looking toward the post-season. Bengals, Falcons, Packers, Broncos are near-certainties for playoffs

Quarterback play among some struggling teams have a couple quarterbacks looking over their shoulder. It may be curtains for Weeden in Dallas. Jason Garrett will evaluate quarterback position | ProFootballTalk

However, Lions coach Jim Caldwell stated his support for the quarterback that he benched. That's the kind of leadership that will almost certainly land him on the golf course this time next year. Jim Caldwell: Matthew Stafford still our starter | ProFootballTalk

Public Service Announcement: Do not shoot anyone at football games. Just because you root for the Cowboys, that doesn't make you one. Report: Man hospitalized after shooting outside Patriots-Cowboy game | ProFootballTalk

Although it's been quiet lately, here's another reminder that the Redskins will eventually have to change their name. California prohibits public schools to use Redskins as team name or mascot

Next up, the Broncos face the Browns. They're riding high after getting a rare win against a division rival. McCown shines as Browns top Ravens in overtime -