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Broncos have as many wins as Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders combined: AFC West Wrap-Up

The Broncos were the only AFC West team to come away from Week 5 with a victory, but it seems like none of the teams in the division are too happy right now.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are the dominant team in the AFC West. They are at least three games ahead of the Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers. We're five weeks into the season - there is a ton of football still to be played - yet it feels like you can put a nail in this division coffin. The Broncos are the team to beat, and barring a massive slide combined with someone in the AFC West figuring something out and getting hot (which could happen), the Broncos will cruise to their fifth consecutive AFC West title.

But outside of the AFC West, the Broncos are far from the dominant undefeated team in the NFL, which is what Broncos fans really want from their team.

The Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs all had tough losses this week. All three of these losses notably were also home games. Let's run down the week that was in Week 5.


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 5 0 0 2-0 3-0
Oakland Raiders 2 3 0 0-1 2-2
San Diego Chargers 2 3 0 0-0 1-2
Kansas City Chiefs 1 4 0 0-1 1-2

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Final Score: 16-10

Recap: "He's had many great games and today wasn't one."

No, this isn't a quote from Kubiak talking about Manning. This is Raiders coach Jack Del Rio talking about his kicker Sebastian Janikowski, who missed two field goals during Sunday's game. The Raiders had a great opportunity to win one against a Broncos team that is struggling (mightily) on offense. And they blew it.

While on one hand it seems ridiculous to be unhappy with a team that is 5-0, there are just too many concerns about the Broncos offense to be very happy about it. I for one can't get too distressed after a poor performance against a division opponent in an away game. Especially an opponent whose head coach is so familiar with the Broncos.

If the Broncos offense can't put up some points against the Cleveland Browns next week the Broncos coaches have the bye week to make some changes (big or small) before the Broncos face the Packers in a home game. The Raiders on the other hand will have their bye week to stew over this loss before traveling to San Diego for the Chargers first division game of the season in Week 7.

Broncos Injury Concerns: DeMarcus Ware is expected to miss 2 weeks due to a back sprain. Juwan Thompson injured his hamstring. Aqib Talib injured his ankle. Both Thompson and Talib are considered day to day.

Raiders Injury Concerns: Justin Tuck left the game with a shoulder injury.

Week 6 Matchup Broncos: Broncos @ Browns

Week 6 Matchup Raiders: Bye

Steelers @ Chargers

Final Score: 24-20

Recap: Good new for the Chargers - Antonio Gates looked great in his first game back. No need to knock off any rust for that guy. Bad news for the Chargers - they couldn't stop Le'Veon Bell's 7 yard touchdown run that won the game for the Steelers in a truly gutsy fashion.

The Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs each lost this week - at home

This was a tough loss for the Chargers who can't make it through a game without multiple players being injured. The Chargers still look like the biggest threat to the Broncos in the AFC West, but can any team really be considered a threat when they are three games behind? Next week the Chargers go to Lambeau Field to take on the undefeated Green Bay Packers.

Injury Concerns: Chris Hairston had an ankle injury. Chris Watt was being evaluated with a head injury.

Week 6 Matchup: Chargers @ Packers

Bears @ Chiefs

Final Score: 18-17

Recap: Yikes. Time to buy your friends that are Chiefs fans a stiff drink. The Chiefs fell apart in their own stadium letting the Bears, (the Bears!), rally for the win. There's really nothing good to say here for the Chiefs. The Chiefs had a field goal blocked, and they lost their star running back for the season.

The Vikings, who are coming off a bye after a tough loss to the Broncos, will not be an easy team for the Chiefs to beat to try and turn things around.

Injury Concerns: Jamaal Charles is out for the season with a torn ACL.

Week 6 Matchup: Chiefs @ Vikings

My predictions for Week 6

I was 2 for 4 in my picks last week. I thought the Chiefs would beat the Bears - silly me - and I thought the Chargers could beat a Ben-less Steelers team in their home stadium. Here are my picks for next week.

Broncos 6-0, Chiefs 1-5, Chargers 2-4, Raiders 2-3 (bye)

How do you think things will shake out in Week 6 in the AFC West? Let us know in the comments!