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Denver Broncos Power Rankings Around the Web for Week 6

Denver Broncos take a small dip in most power rankings.

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How do you rank an undefeated team that also has a major problem on offense?

ESPN: 4 (last week 3)

The Broncos' defense has scored three second-half touchdowns this season -- the same number of offensive touchdowns scored by the Broncos in second halves.

Thoughts: ESPN has the Patriots, Packers, and Falcons ahead of the Broncos with the Bengals and Cardinals right behind them. While it would be nice if the Broncos scored more touchdowns on offense (or in some cases, any touchdowns) those defensive touchdowns are the envy of quite a few NFL teams. 4 (last week 4)

Another W for the defense, another week questioning Peyton Manning's effectiveness. That's Denver Broncos football these days, and maybe that's not such a bad thing. As long as Manning struggles in stretches, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' guys know they must pick up the slack.

Thoughts: has the Patriots, Packers, and Bengals ahead of the Broncos. Hard to argue with that right now. But I would have the Cardinals ahead of the Broncos right now.

SB Nation: 5 (last week 4)

Atlanta and Denver keep finding ways to win, but neither look like the runaway freight train that Arizona does.

Thoughts: It's hard to tell right now if the Broncos are truly just getting lucky, or if they will consistently find ways to win close games throughout the season.

CBS Sports: 4 (last week 4)

It wasn't pretty against Oakland, but they found a way. The offense is struggling right now.

Thoughts: The Broncos' offense is struggling? I had not heard that before . . .

Fox Sports: 6 (last week 4)

The Broncos have a dilemma on offense -- if they want to get the running game going, they probably need to take more snaps under center. However, if Peyton Manning is moved back under center, the passing game will struggle. The Broncos have the NFL’s best pass rush and an opportunistic defense that has already scored three touchdowns this season, but the offense must improve.

Thoughts: I totally agree with this statement about Manning and the running game. It's hard to tell if the Broncos offensive woes can be blamed on Manning, the running backs, the O-line, or a combination of all three.

Peter King: 5 (last week 3)

Rocky Mountain Revolt! I drop Denver from three to five. I love the defense, but the offense scares me. At some point, maybe in one of the November Sunday-nighters against Green Bay or New England at home, it’s going to have an effect. I just think the Broncos would lose on a neutral field to the four teams in front of them right now.

Thoughts: Don't worry Peter King, the Broncos offense scares Broncos fans too.

PFF: 4 (last week 3)

Sylvester Williams has the seventh-best run stop percentage for defensive tackles (9.3 percent) with at least 70 run snaps. Last year, his run stop percentage was 6.2 percent.

Thoughts: Remember when it seemed like Williams was going to end up a draft bust? Nice to see him have such a great season.

What do you think about these power rankings? Let us know in the comments!