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NFL Power Rankings Week 6: Denver is way better than you think

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There are still six undefeated teams left in the NFL and following week 6 Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver and Green Bay don't appear likely to lose, but Carolina draws Seattle and New England draws Indianapolis.

It's my one-time annual Power Rankings fell in, dig in!

Here's your Week 6 NFL power rankings!

New England Patriots

Record 4-0. Tom Brady looked as if he may have returned to earth, but nope! New England has scored 149 points and given up only 76 this season. That's a great balance and won't change until a high powered offense comes into town. We'll see what Indianapolis can bring this weekend, because the Patriots don't face another legitimate offense until week 10.

Denver Broncos

Record 5-0. The Broncos will beat whatever team you put against them right now, it doesn't matter how. Defense, offense, field goals, it's kicking and screaming. Two drops and two called pass interference penalties last week gives Peyton Manning three touchdowns and two less interceptions. That's not a quarterback that you bench knuckleheads. How historic is this defense? Only the Jets and Patriots have given up less points and they've both played one less game.

Green Bay Packers

Record 5-0. The legitimacy of that offense and the talent of Aaron Rodgers will need to shine for the Packers in the next three weeks as they draw the Chargers, Broncos and Panthers who have given up an average of 97 points between them. That puts those three combined just above the Seattle Seahawks this season if they were all one team. The Panthers (71) and Broncos (79) are two of the stingiest teams to put points up on.

Cincinnati Bengals

Record 5-0. Best quarterback in the league right now, quick! Nope, Andy Dalton. Jeremy Hill is struggling, Giovanni Bernard is struggling, Dalton is not and Tyler Eifert is having a career year with A.J. Green and Marvin Jones resurging this is a fun offense to watch. Though the defense is what makes this team special.

Atlanta Falcons

Record 5-0. Something is just off... The running game is incredible, Julio Jones is the best receiver in the NFL, Leonard Hankerson is relevant again and they've somehow struggled against the only two decent defenses that they've faced (New York (Giants) and Washington (football team)). The good news is that they don't face a great defense until week 14.

New York Giants

Record 3-2. This team is so underrated. Eli Manning is playing nearly perfect at quarterback right now and that means the Giants will be able to play against anyone. The team is four points away from being undefeated right now and they're only getting better with the eventual return of Victor Cruz.

Arizona Cardinals

Record 4-1. No one has come anywhere near putting up the 190 points that the Cardinals have posted this season scoring from every point in the game from anywhere on the field. Arizona employes the most effective running back by committee and old man Bruce Arians is enjoying the resurrection is several other old dude's careers with Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Johnson likely to have the best seasons that they've had in the last five years.

New York Jets

Record 3-1. Granted there has been a bye, but the Jets have given up a total of 55 points total so far this season. That's just dumb good. And that's playing the Browns, Colts and Eagles offenses that you know can put up some points. Last week Tim asked if Geno Smith is bad enough to make this team bad. The answer is yes, if they get their quarterback situation under control in the next season or two there can be a new champion in the East.

Carolina Panthers

Record 4-0. They're winning Riverboat Ron is winning, you can't name anyone on the offense other than maybe Cam Newton and Greg Olsen and they are winning. The issue is the team is losing this weekend against the Seahawks and this will prove that they've yet to beat a good team.

Indianapolis Colts

Record 3-2. Andrew Luck is back and he's the best young quarterback in the NFL until he proves differently. Andre Johnson had a heck of a home coming game last Thursday in Houston and there just aren't enough defensive backs in the league to cover a triumvirate of T.Y. Hilton, Donte Moncrief and Andre Johnson if Luck is the one pulling the trigger. The must beat New England to stay above .500%

Pittsburgh Steelers

Record 3-2. If I were going to bust out the wildcat offense I may have waited until this week when I was playing Arizona, not Monday playing San Diego. Ben Roethlisberger wants to play in week 6, but as he knows you can want in one hand, but the other one is getting suspended for six games. Speaking of suspensions Martavis Bryant was just activated to the 53 man roster. Roethlisberger, Bryant, Antonio Brown, LeVeon Bell and DeAngelo Hall on the same offense? Come on...

Seattle Seahawks

Record 2-3. No one had the Seahawks at 2-3 at this point in the season, but they started super slow last season and ended up one playcall away from winning the Super Bowl. Thomas Rawls has been a revelation, Russell Wilson does Russell Wilson very well and maybe eventually Jimmy Graham will stop being a locker room cancer.

St. Louis Rams

Record 2-3. The Rams are ranked ahead of the Seahawks in the NFC South, but the only team that has played five games and scored less as a team than them is Detroit. Todd Gurley looks incredibly promising and I saw Brian Quik targeted three times last week, so the offense is at least making progress.

Buffalo Bills

Record 3-2. The team with Tyrod Taylor at the helm seems like they can hold their own with just about anybody, unfortunately E.J. Manuel will be starting this game. LeSean McCoy is out, Karlos Williams is still in the NFL's concussion protocol, however with Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin and Charles Clay around to catch passes it seems like they should be able to put something together offensively to stay ahead of that stingy defense.

Cleveland Browns

Record 2-3. Don't look now, but Josh McCown has become the first Browns quarterback in history to put together three 300-yard games in a row. McCown has been on fire since suffering a concussion in week 1 that forced him to miss week 3. Denver is most definitely going to have their hands full no matter how good their pass defense is. McCown has not thrown for less than 41 times in a game since being back from injury and averages 47 attempts over the last three weeks.

Oakland Raiders

Record 2-3. The Raiders are better than we thought that they were. They're still not good enough to beat the Broncos, but they're pretty good. I think that it is Latavius Murray that allows the team to win and opens up that Derek Carr to Amari Cooper connection. So if Murray can keep healthy, this team could somehow make the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings

Record 2-2. The amount of carries that Adrian Peterson will need to keep this team competitive is absurd, but Norv Turner can figure it out. If that happens the Vikings have a remaining schedule that is basically the NFC playoffs: Packers, Falcons, Seahawks, Cardinals, Giants and Packers again. Rough.

Washington Redskins

Record 2-3. The Redskins are better than you think that they are, they have put up the same amount of points as a team as Houston, but have only allowed as many points as Cincinnati. Chew on that, I feel that if they can keep that defense pumping and figure out points between those two young running backs in their backfield (Chris Thompson and Matt Jones, who sound like they're both in the witness protection program), this team will surprise in December sans Robert Griffin III.

San Diego Chargers

Record 2-3. Antonio Gates came at a perfect time that soften the blow of Philip Rivers not having Steve Johnson to throw at, but the all to familiar (to Broncos fans) inability of Mike McCoy to sit underperforming rookie Melvin Gordon in favor of overperforming Danny Woodhead is going to lose them at least two games too many to compete with Denver in the West.

Philadelphia Eagles

Record 2-3. I was foaming at the mouth two weeks ago thinking that Mark Sanchez would get his chance to start again and then Sam Bradford put together a stat line of 32/45/333/2/2 that's respectable and that's with Jordan Matthews somehow dropping more balls than Demaryius Thomas. The Eagles have allowed one rushing touchdown all season, are tied for most in caused fumbles, sixth in team interceptions have currently have a +3 in giveaway/takeaway.

Chicago Bears

Record 1-3. John Fox managed a comeback with Jay Cutler as the quarterback, this dude can coach! Cutler didn't have a receiver that you could name on the active roster and it's not becoming clear whether Alshon Jeffery will even play football this season, the Bears have no idea what they're missing in Kevin White, but Eddie Royal also was out on Sunday. The Bears managed to beat Kansas City regardless.

Kansas City Chiefs

Record 1-4. They should not be rated this high, after losing Jamaal Charles for the season I seriously doubt that this team can remain relevant. If they do it will be through their defense, the Chiefs just have no end in sight to this tailspin that began about mid-season last year.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record 2-3. The success of this team seems to be on the back of Doug Martin, if he does what he did the last two weeks for the rest of the season the Buccaneers can actually pass Carolina at the top of the NFC South. Tampa currently has four teams in their remaining schedule that currently have winning records.

Tennessee Titans

Record 1-3. The Titan defense has allowed the least completions this season to opposing quarterbacks, is 9th in sacks and allow only an QB Rating of 87.8 and the least amount of yards per game to quarterbacks. They currently allow 117 yards per game on the ground which puts them at 23rd worst in the NFL. Rookie Marcus Mariota has thrown 3 interceptions the entire season. This team will tighten up and get it together sooner than later.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Record 1-3. If you play fantasy football you probably think that Blake Bortles is better than he is, but the Jaguars as a team have only managed 97 points while giving up the 31st most points as a unit (145). Rookie running back T.J. Yeldon had his first 100-yard game and says that his groin injury is not serious, which isn't great news if you're Denard Robinson. The Jaguars will remain fun to watch, but not a threat to any opponent for the near future.

Miami Dolphins

Record 1-3. I wonder if two weeks of Oklahoma Drills can bring back the Dolphins to a time when they were relevant as a football team? Things are screwed in Miami and not getting unscrewed soon.

Dallas Cowboys

Record 2-3. It was humorous watching Kyle Orton's exit last offseason from the team, but it laid the ground for what is currently happening to the team. Tony Romo goes down with a long term injury and Brandon Weeden loses three in a row. Enter Matt Cassel who following Dallas' bye week is now the starter. Chiefs fans know how this movie ends.

New Orleans Saints

Record 1-4. Ian tried to steal my awesome sauce with this ranking and is now going to pay the price for it! ~ Tim Lynch

The Saints are going to win the Super Bowl!  I love the Saints. Saints Saints Saints! Yeah! HooRah.

Houston Texans

Record 1-4. It's easy to blame the quarterback situation for this Texans team, but it's actually the defense that is falling apart. There are only eight teams in the NFL that have given up more points than Houston, this causes the Texans to lead the league in passing attempts in an effort to keep up with surging offenses, but being tied for third in the NFL in giveaway (10) is going to ruin anybody.

Baltimore Ravens

Record 1-4. There are just no obvious reasons for this to be happening, regarded as one of the more savvy front offices when it comes to drafting and reinforcing depth has not been able to sustain the week 1 loss of Terrell Suggs. Steve Smith and Crockett Gilmore's early exits in week 4 caused the team to become ineffective offensively. Justin Forsett's week 5 injury effectively neutered the team. The good news is that all three appear to be returning to the starting lineup this week.

San Francisco 49ers

Record 1-4. Typing words here is painful. Everything about this team is just not good. It is almost as if this team were put together in order to lose.

Detroit Lions

Record 0-5. They really aren't this bad of a team, it's incredible what the loss of Ndamukong Suh did to the defense, but what is Matthew Stafford's excuse? Golden Tate was targeted a whopping 18 times last week, but only managed to come up with 8 catches. Ameer Abdullah is basically lightning in a bottle, but hasn't been unleashed at full fury due to an insistence of relying on Joique Bell and Theo Riddick for some awful reason. Calvin Johnson has been targetted 54 times through five games and has only managed one touchdown.