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Broncos are by far the best defense the Browns have faced this season

Quarterback Josh McCown is breaking Cleveland Browns records... but is that a function of the competition he's been facing?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Zarella is a former Denver sportscaster who now works as Sports Director for a Cleveland TV station. That gives Zarella some unique insight into the Denver Broncos' Week 6 matchup against the Cleveland Browns. Zarella joined Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on The Afternoon Drive to break down the game from his point of view.

"This is by far the best defense the Browns have seen this season," Zarella said. "And you know, I kind of fear that (Josh) McCown will come crashing back to reality and look like the career backup that he is, not the Offensive Player of the Week, which, who would have predicted that?"

Zarella broke down McCown in some detail.

"I'll give you the most impressive numbers for him. It's not the 457 (yards) he put down on the Ravens. The most impressive numbers for him are six and one, as in six touchdowns and one turnover in three games," said Zarella. "That we haven't seen from a quarterback around here in a long time. So basically if he can be a game manager and just kind of perform and keep them in games, I think people are happy right now."

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