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Nick Ferguson thinks Peyton Manning is still a good enough quarterback in 2015

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Former Denver Broncos safety, Nick Ferguson, was interviewed by Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive and talked about the pitfalls of changing quarterbacks mid-season and what we should all expect from Peyton Manning in 2015.

Having lived through a similar time when Jake Plummer was benched when the Broncos had a winning record and how it split the locker room between guys who wanted Jay Cutler and guys who wanted Plummer at quarterback. We all remember what happened - that winning record when straight to missing the playoffs. Benching Peyton Manning would simply be a terrible way to flush this season down the toilet.

On if Manning's leadership is more important than physical skills

"I think so. We can sit here and dissect Peyton from a season standpoint and say what he can't do anymore. I know having Peyton Manning on the field and I've said this before, a Peyton Manning at 85% or 75% is still better than some of the quarterbacks that suit up on Sundays, because it gives you a false sense of security by having a guy like that knowing that his past and leadership. It gives you sense of confidence that you can go and win games even if it's happening on the defensive side of the ball.

"But, you know, it's always tough in this kind of situation when a guy is long in the tooth in this twilight hour and he's not the same person he was before and we keep measuring him by how many great performances he has in his previous years. He's not the same person and he's struggling right now."

Is Peyton Manning really hurting this team more than he is helping?

Without equivocation Manning is helping more than he is hurting and Ferguson above touched on the reason why above when he talks about how having him leading the offense will often provide a potential spark to rally the team to victory. More so than an unproven never-started-a-game kind of guy like Brock Osweiler. Oz may still get his chance in the NFL to build that type of respect from his teammates, but it isn't going to be in 2015.

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