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Will the Denver Broncos remain undefeated by beating the Cleveland Browns?

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Mile High Report took a nose dive last week in the blog rankings, missing our score prediction by a whooping 5.29 points. Fortunately, we're still tops in the network of blogs with an average 2.54 point difference. Let's be real here and keep that top spot for ourselves. Broncos fans are the smartest fans on the planet anyway, right?

I love that we're at the top of the list of all of SB Nation. Let's keep it up!

Broncos 16, Browns 13 - Tim Lynch

The time has passed for me to keep predicting the Denver Broncos offense will come alive again this week. I have accepted the fact that the Star Wars offense of yesteryear has given way permanently to the Star Wars defense we now have. Peyton Manning will lead the offense to a touchdown this time, but the Broncos defense will make Josh McCown look like the perennial backup he is for a multitude of turnovers.

It's a low scoring affair, but the Broncos head into their Bye week a perfect 6-0 with two weeks to prepare for a murderous schedule on the other side.

Broncos 27, Browns 10 - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Finally our offense has a "break" from going up against a top-tier defense, so I'm expecting a lot more out of these guys this week, in spite of continued O-line issues. Some patience with the run game and some big plays to our No. 1 receiving duo - DT and He-Manuel - should give us a couple touchdowns added to more Brandon "McMoney" points that will help us stay ahead of the Cleveland Browns. Although our defense will have its work cut out for it against this fast and prolific offense, I am not worried. T.J. Ward will play with an extra chip on his shoulder as he heads into his former home stadium and Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan will be looking to make the big plays in the middle. I'm also expecting a sack (or five) out of Miller/Barrett/Ray this week, making it a 27-10 game, Broncos on top of course.

Broncos 27, Browns 13 - Christopher Hart

Denver goes on the road to enemy territory this weekend. The destination: The Mistake By The Lake a.k.a. Cleveland. It's a game against a team the Broncos have had historical success against. The Broncos have faced the Browns 27 times in league history and have been victorious in 22 match-ups. Denver hasn't lost to the Cleveland since 1990. I expect the trend of terrorizing the Browns this weekend to continue with an impact victory that will set a great tone for the team heading into next week's legendary battle against the Green Bay Packers. Peyton Manning rebounds after last weeks dreadful outing against the Browns and ignites the Broncos offensive onslaught against one of the NFL's worst defenses.

Broncos 24, Browns 15 - Kyle Montgomery

The Broncos pass rush has two things going against it this weekend: they're facing the NFL's best pass-blocking tackle in Joe Thomas, and they'll (likely) be without their best pass rusher in 2015 in DeMarcus Ware. Isn't it crazy that I'm hardly sweating this at all? The Broncos' pass rush is so deep. I repeat: THE BRONCOS PASS RUSH IS SO DEEP. I think all I blogged about from the years 2006 to 2010 was Denver's lack of depth at pass rush. What a time to be alive. Josh McCown comes crashing back to earth against this Denver D, and Peyton Manning slings a few touchdowns to boot.

Broncos 31, Browns 10 - Sadaraine

Everything about this game screams "easy". The Browns defense is porous against the run and bad against the pass. Their offense has been lighting it up, but not against anything as intimidating as our defense. I like Cleveland and think they are building in the right direction with some very good pieces on their team. Unfortunately the Orange Surge is going to stifle their offense completely as the team finally gets it first easy win of the season.

Give us your score predictions, Broncos Country!