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Monday Night Football: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles and Star Wars - Live Blog

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
New York Giants
Monday, October 19, 2015 - 6:30 PM MDT
Philadelphia Eagles




7th Pass Off. 13th
26th Rush Off. 22nd
32nd Pass Def. 26th
2nd Rush Def. 10th
3-2 Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA 2-3
1st NFC East Eagles Favored T-2nd NFC East

The New York Giants are two fourth quarter implosions away from being undefeated right now, which has me buying into their program big time. They were my dark horse pick to win the NFC East and I've got to go with my gut feeling with them again tonight.

The Philadelphia Eagles are barely staying afloat and all it will take for this fragile team is for a division rival to kick in the front door and have their house of cards come crashing in. I've been fading the Eagles all offseason, despite ranking them fairly highly early on.

I'm not sure why the Eagles are on my hit list, but its probably some subconscious thing over how they just up and cut Tim Tebow. They could be 3-2 right now had he been the starter, because we all know all Tebow does it win, baby!

Prediction: Giants 30, Eagles 22

What is your prediction, Broncos Country?

Star Wars trailer

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens trailer will be released at halftime. Apparently it's an even bigger deal than Adam Schefter giving his usual mid-game updates.

Since it's a Monday Night open thread, feel free to talk about the trailer and Star Wars and all that here too. Bonus points for Obi-Wan/Peyton Manning analogies.

Giants-Eagles live blog