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Horse Tracks: Broncos win ugh-ly

Question: Is Peyton Manning playing like a $15 million dollar quarterback? Is he playing like an $8 million quarterback? Ladies and gentlemen, what you see is what you get and what we are seeing from the quarterback position is ugly. Despite offensive struggles, Denver is undefeated going into their bye week.

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Whether he's struggling to grasp Kubiak's scheme or has just lost a step, it has become abundantly clear that something is wrong with Peyton Manning. Three interceptions, floating ducks that sail on him, and staring down receivers are all things that Broncos fans aren't used to seeing in the post-Orton/Tebow era. Can it be fixed? Unfortunately, what you see is what you get and what the Broncos are getting from Manning is not much.

Peyton is just over 1,700-yards from eclipsing Brett Favre's NFL passing yards record. During the offseason, I was certain that Manning would overtake Favre by this point in the year. Clearly that hasn't happened yet. There's a slim possibility that it may not happen. The big question is how long will the Broncos allow poor play to persist? Restless fans aside, there have to be folks in the locker room who share the same sentiments. The players see what we're seeing. They have eyes, too. It's all hugs and smiles when you're 6-0, but there are losses in the pipeline and we all know that they have potential to be really bad.

So, is it ride or die with Peyton? Are the 2015 Broncos tied to him for better and for worse? Those are the big questions. When things start to go south (and they will), how long will the Elway/Kubiak braintrust allow this to go on? To let this terrific, once-in-a-lifetime defense wither on the vine because we are afraid to do what we all know needs to be done would be an epic tragedy. It takes cajones to do the hard things in life, let's hope that when it's time the Broncos can find them. Otherwise, the second coming of the Orange Crush will be nothing more than just be another footnote in the Broncos history books.


Speaking of history, here's the Sunday Sacco. Hey, Broncos, do Jim a favor and post these another day. By the end of the game on Sunday, Sacco's weekly article is buried under a dozen game-related articles. He deserves a little better than that. This week, he looks at Broncos KOA broadcaster Dave Logan. Sundays with Sacco: Dave Logan, from Colorado to Cleveland

Need some game recaps? Here you go!

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I know there are folks that don't agree with what I wrote above, but there are plenty of others that are noticing poor quarterback play.

It's going well for the Broncos, but not for Peyton Manning

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Apparently, Ronnie Hillman is hearing the Peyton talk as well. Although, I do take issue with calling critical fans 'fake'. The decline from league MVP with record setting production to what we saw Sunday has been swift. To not notice, to not have expectations, would make me question your fanhood more... but who cares what I think, the Broncos have Manning's back... for now. Peyton Manning of Denver Broncos gets vocal support from teammates

Peyton has noticed his poor play as well.  Peyton's Take: Offense 'still going through a transition'

The bye week is upon us. It's time for Kubiak and Dennison to figure out how to right the offensive ship. Flawed Broncos enjoy 6-0 start, ready to address problem areas -

Okay, enough piling on Peyton Manning. The story this year is about the defense. They are playing out of their minds and it is so much fun to watch.

Defense bails Broncos out, again | ProFootballTalk

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With Demarcus Ware out, Shaquil Barrett stepped in and stepped up in a big way. It's hard to believe that dude was on the practice squad last year. Incredible. Shaquil Barrett delivers big when name called by Broncos - The Denver Post

Kicker Brandon McManus missed his first field goal of the season yesterday, but made them when it counted. Kudos to him for doing whatever he did to overcome his kicking struggles from last year. Seriously, it's impressive. With game-winning kick, Broncos' streak continues even though McManus' ends

On the injury front, Shane Ray's knee doesn't look as bad as we all feared. Granted, being out four to six weeks isn't great news, but when we saw him riding the cart off the field with a towel over his head it looked to be much worse. Denver Broncos: Shane Ray out four to six weeks - NFL -

History says... look at the epic collapse of 2009 before writing this kind of article. Broncos fans remember that 6-0 start and how that season finished. Forgive me for not booking my hotel room at the Santa Clara Ramada Inn just yet. History says 6-0 start means Super Bowl trip for Denver Broncos - Denver Broncos Blog - ESPN

Stick a fork in them. The Kansas City Star says it's time for the Chiefs to look toward next season. A creative, sad, and darkly comedic loss means the Chiefs need to look beyond 2015 | The Kansas City Star

The San Diego Chargers aren't faring much better. Even when Philip River's has a career day, they still can't get it done. You'd think 500 yards + 0 interceptions = a win ... but not Sunday

After the bye, the Broncos host Green Bay. Packers stay unbeaten but are far from flawless

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