The Ball Is In Your Court Gary Kubiak

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Now is the time for Gary Kubiak to step up. Now is the time for Gary Kubiak to demonstrate that he is a great head coach. Now is the time, during the bye week, for Gary Kubiak to scrap this offense and go back to the Peyton Manning offense of 2012, 2013, and early 2014.

This offense is not equipped to run the football. Both backs, at best, are complimentary type backs. Hillman cannot carry the ball 15-20 times a game for any extended period of time and not get hurt. This offensive line is not good enough to run the ball consistently. The most talent on this offensive team rests in the QB and wide receivers. Use them to their fullest extent.

The Broncos had the #1 offense in the NFL for the last three years using the Manning offense. That offense, combined with THIS defense, can win the Super Bowl. The offense, as presently constructed, cannot.

Peyton Manning is the best QB that ever lived in reading the defense and changing the play at the line of scrimmage. No other expert than Bill Belichick, in 2014, proclaimed that himself. By insisting on using the Kubiak offense, Kubiak is not using the tools at his disposal, and that is the job of the head coach. Design your system to fit your talent.

I believe Kubiak should scrap this offense during the bye week, and go back to a proven commodity, one that worked for 17 NFL seasons. Let Manning call the shots at the line of scrimmage. No huddle. And it probably wouldn't hurt to sign Wes Welker off the scrap heap. It would help the offense to have more than two dependable receivers.

I don't want to hear about Manning's physical limitations. He can still make every throw, he can still "hum" the ball when he needs to. This offense is killing his game, killing the Peyton Manning that has been the most productive QB in NFL history. With his offense, he knows where the receivers are going to be, and more importantly, he knows where the defense is going to be, too.

Kubiak needs to act now. The season is in the balance. Gary, do you want to win, or not?

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