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Denver Broncos power rankings around the web Week 7

Still undefeated, the Denver Broncos remain in most of the Top 5 rankings.

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The Denver Broncos are perhaps the most lopsided undefeated team in the NFL. But they are still undefeated! And this is a big deal for any NFL team going into Week 7.

Everyone has an opinion about how to "fix" the Broncos offense. Bench Manning. Blame the receivers dropping passes. Switch things up in the O-line. Blame Kubiak. Get a new tight end. Blame your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend because it feels good.

Or decide to be a rebel and just enjoy the ugly wins while they last. "OMG that Super Bowl win was so horrible!" (said no one ever).

It's a surprisingly frustrating time for an undefeated team and many non-rebels in their fanbase.

Here's a look at how NFL analysts around the web rank the Broncos going into week 7. Everyone (except Peter King and ESPN) agrees the Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Bengals, and Panthers are the top five teams in the NFL right now. Not necessarily in that order. Peter King is high on the Jets! Jets! Jets! Jets! while ESPN still likes the Cardinals.

ESPN: 3 (last week 4)

The Broncos are 6-0 despite Peyton Manning's 10 interceptions. That's his most through the first six games of a season since his rookie year (14 INTs).

Top 5: Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Cardinals, Bengals 5 (last week 4)

That was one fugly interception in overtime from Peyton Manning. And the pick-six Manning threw earlier was clearly behind intended target Ronnie Hillman. But when Manning had to make plays on the final drive of overtime, he made them. It wasn't pretty, but with a defense that scores touchdowns almost as easily as the offense struggles to score them, the Broncos escaped with a win in Cleveland.

Top 5: Patriots, Packers, Bengals, Panthers, Broncos

Mile High Report: 2 (last week) 2

Last week I had the Broncos as the second best team in the NFL. "The Broncos will beat whatever team you put against them right now, it doesn't matter how. Defense, offense, field goals, special teams-- this is kicking and screaming." I'd love to move them down this list, but I have yet to see anyone beat them.

Top five: Patriots, Broncos, Packers, Panthers, Bengals

SB Nation: 5 (last week 4)

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Packers, Panthers, Broncos

CBS Sports: 4 (last week 4)

The defense is carrying this team. It will be a great matchup with the Packers offense next week.

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Packers, Broncos, Panthers

Fox Sports: 5 (last week 4)

The NFL’s most opportunistic defense is now dealing with an injury to edge rusher Shane Ray in addition to DeMarcus Ware. The Broncos will need to find a way to establish the run game -- many thought it would be better by now under Gary Kubiak.

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Packers, Panthers, Broncos

Peter King: 6 (last week 3)

There is a melancholy around the veteran quarterback right now, obviously. No other QB in football has as bad a TD-to-INT differential right now as Manning’s minus-3.

Top 5: Patriots, Packers, Bengals, Panthers, Jets

PFF: 5 (last week 3)

When C.J. Anderson has rushed to the left or right end, he had 10 yards on 12 carries. When Ronnie Hillman has run to the left or right end, he has 120 yards on 13 carries.

Top 5: Packers, Patriots, Bengals, Panthers, Broncos

What do you think about these power rankings? Let us know in the comments!