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Do Broncos have personnel for Peyton Manning's offense?

The ball may be in Gary Kubiak's court, but does he have the pieces to perform?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos' offense is all that seems to be on anybody's mind in Denver these days. There are a ton of questions surrounding this unit, but the bottom-line question is simply, "What can the Broncos do to make the offense better?"

It's been suggested that coach Gary Kubiak needs to complete his surrender of his offensive and let Peyton Manning be Peyton Manning. Kubiak needs to embrace the no-huddle, shotgun offense that made Manning a future Hall-of-Famer. While the pistol, in theory, was a nice compromise/marriage of Kubiak's under-center and Manning's shotgun, it's time to end the middle-of-the-road approach. No more half measures.

Former Colorado Buffalo and NFL All-Pro Chad Brown joined The Afternoon Drive to break down that idea and cautions the postseason repercussions.

"I think it's pretty doable from a short-term perspective," Brown said. "But long term, 10 weeks down the road with Peyton Manning throwing more interceptions than he ever has, being sacked essentially more often than he ever has, with an offensive line without the run game to support it and the play-action ability to freeze defensive linemen and linebackers - he's going to get hit a whole lot if that's the plan you're going to go about with."

"So, yeah, can it be executed within the Broncos and Dove Valley, and can they come out in a couple of weeks and sling the ball around the yard? Yeah, I think they can. But will Peyton Manning still be upright at the end of the season and be able to win playoff games with that style of offense? No they can't."

Brown continues, breaking down Denver's missing link in the offense as he sees it - a third option for Peyton at tight end or in the slot. "You can try to install that playbook over at Dove Valley, but it's not going to work without that type of personnel."

Brown's point is compelling, but I can't help but think this offense, as it is now, won't win the Broncos a playoff game anyway. Peyton Manning may survive the season and be standing upright (even that's debatable), but he'll be using that stance to walk off the field after a playoff loss. Something has to change, and I'm in favor of a switch to Peyton's offense. What's your take?

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