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Denver Broncos are most watchable team in 2015 per

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports writer Gregg Rosenthal ranked the Denver Broncos as the most entertaining to watch in the entire NFL in 2015. In fact, he even thinks this team is more entertaining than the one that threw for 55 touchdowns in the regular season back in 2013.

It all starts with that defense as Rosenthal noted early on in his article.

It all starts with the Broncos defense. We wrote more than a month ago they could be a more dominant group than the 2013 Seahawks, and they are living up to that billing. The pass rushing duo features a future Hall of Famer (DeMarcus Ware) and a young star that could play his way into the Canton conversation (Von Miller). The star cornerbacks (Aqib Talib and Chris Harris) are playing like stars. The role players (Brandon Marshall, Malik Jackson, Shaq Barrett, David Bruton) take turns making a huge play each week. Wade Phillips, who is in the conversation as the best defensive coordinator of the last 25 years, dials up creative blitzes at the right time. They score weekly. They have a flair for the dramatic. John Elway has built a defense similar to the one that throttled his team in the Super Bowl.

With the offensive struggles so amazingly pronounced, Rosenthal also noted that every single game has come down to late game heroics.

It's not schadenfreude to see Manning struggle like this; it's shock. It wouldn't be great television if we assumed this is how the Broncos' offense will look all season, but that's a silly assumption. We continue to watch because there is hope it will change. Manning is one of the sharpest players in NFL history and it's fascinating to watch him try to problem-solve his way out of this slump. It's not all about his arm strength. Opponents are sitting on his short stuff, and he's quietly delivered some nice mid-range and deep passes the last few weeks. But Manning is uncharacteristically telegraphing throws and making mental errors.

Add it all up, and the Broncos are playing thrillers every week, usually punctuated by a late Manning drive or defensive touchdown. All six of their games have come down to the fourth quarter, with three of them coming down to the last play. Manning now has a bye week to improve the team's offense. Until he turns it around, this will remain my favorite team to dial up every week on GamePass.

The Broncos are followed by the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, and the Buffalo Bills. Mostly elite teams and Super Bowl favorites. "Tebow Time" has apparently returned to the Mile High City, except Tebow isn't on the roster - just the crazy heart-pounding wins he once brought us. Perhaps the one constant is that defense.

The only question really is whether or not the fan base can start enjoying this season rather than hating it. I've made up my mind...