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Horse Tracks: Aqib Talib is "keying the three-step" to get his pick sixes

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

A great piece by Bucky Brooks on analyzes how cornerbacks are using a technique called "keying the three-step" to generate more pick sixes in 2015 and how Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib has been the best in the business at capitalizing on that technique.

Talib's pick six against the Cleveland Browns came from positioning himself with a clear line of sight to the quarterback while playing 7 yards off the wide receiver in coverage. He keyed the quarterbacks drop and saw a quick pass was coming, breaking to the ball and taking it to the house. Talib also got a similar turnover on Alex Smith during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

This tactic doesn't always produce pick sixes, but it does produce turnovers. The caveat is that a mistake in this kind of read can result in big plays for the other team. However, for now it is Talib who is making the big plays.

Horse Tracks

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