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Odds are, Broncos will remain NFL's last unbeaten team

Denver's schedule gets tougher in November, but the NFL's other unbeatens' schedules get tough quicker.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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Five teams remain unbeaten through six weeks of the NFL season - the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, and your Denver Broncos. And although the Broncos are not thought to be the strongest among those who are perfect in the NFL, odds are, they'll remain undefeated the longest.

According to, Denver has a 30.86% chance of remaining the last unbeaten team, best among the group.

Team Last undefeated
Denver Broncos 30.86%
Cincinnati Bengals 28.68%
New England Patriots 20.54%
Carolina Panthers 20.44%
Green Bay Packers 19.96%

numberFire's Zach Kempner explains the reasoning behind Denver's favored outlook, adding that Denver will be slight favorites against Green Bay coming out of the bye.

It mostly comes down to schedule and bye weeks. So, we give decent odds to the Patriots losing to the Jets this week and the Panthers losing to the Eagles. If both those things happen, the Bengals, Packers and Broncos remain. The Bengals come out of the bye and play the Steelers who have been quickly rising up our Power Rankings. Then it comes down to the Packers and Broncos playing each other in Denver.

Mostly, the Panthers and Patriots have worse odds because they have to play this week and the others don't.

Also, keep in mind that we are talking about the LAST undefeated team, not if the Packers will be undefeated longer than the Broncos. So, if the Packers win, the next week they have to play Carolina. So, in order for them to remain undefeated they have to beat two undefeated teams in a row. Denver, on the other hand, with a win would then go on to play a mediocre Colts team and then the lowly Bears and Chiefs.

Any given Sunday, and the schedule has a ton to do with it - but would it boost your confidence this team if they were the NFL's last unbeatens?