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Who are the Broncos' offensive and defensive MVPs so far?

The offensive MVP isn't too tough to agree upon, but on defense, there are so many stars, it merits debate.

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On the most recent edition of The Afternoon Drive, Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg dished out their at-the-bye awards for Broncos Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP (there's no question who Denver's special teams MVP is - Brandon McManus).

Offensive MVP

When it came to Broncos Offensive MVP, the answer came quickly.

"Emmanuel Sanders - it's gotta be, right?" Fogg asked.

"That's who I said," Goodman agreed.

"He's been a third-down machine for the most part," said Fogg. "He's got most of the touchdowns. A 75-yard completion, most of which he ran. So, all that."

Defensive MVP

The guys talked about Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward, Malik Jackson... did we mention this defense was special?

Von Miller doesn't have a ton of sacks, but he leads the entire NFL in quarterback pressures

"Von Miller doesn't have a ton of sacks, but he leads the entire NFL in quarterback pressures," Fogg said. "I'll go back to DeMarcus Ware, on some of those plays where he was getting sacks, wasn't blocked. That never, ever, ever, ever happens if Von Miller isn't on the field."

The guys also went through Most Disappointing Players on Offense/ Defense and Most Important Offseason Pickup (hint: a coach gets this one).

Bonus listen

I joined the guys to talk all things Broncos Friday. They asked me if I think Peyton Manning should be benched - in case there was any doubt, my answer is below.