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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos survive bye week undefeated

What a long week a week without the Broncos can be! Players got some much needed rest, fans were able to get those lingering chores done, and now the Green Bay Packers are coming to Denver. We are indeed waiting all week for Sunday night!

Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images

Isn't it awful? Football Sunday without the Broncos should be illegal. It almost doesn't seem fair. Thankfully, it's over. So where are the Broncos coming out of their much deserved bye week?

I enter Packers week optimistic that the Kubiak brain-trust locked themselves into the situation room at Dove Valley with a cartoonishly huge mallet and crushed all the bugs within the offensive scheme that are causing Peyton Manning to struggle.

I'm almost certain the defense ate only the choicest cuts of bloody raw meat to keep up their intensity. I know they're going to eat greedy come Sunday night.

Folks, the Browns game is now firmly in the rear-view mirror. The Broncos are one of a handful of teams that are 6-0 and for that we should all be excited. What remains of the Broncos schedule could be the last we see of one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game. Let's all take a breath before kickoff on Sunday and enjoy the ride that will be the rest of the season. There's a ton of Broncos football left, let's revel in it.


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