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Chiefs actually win, and Raiders dominate Chargers: AFC West Wrap-Up for Week 7

Even when the Denver Broncos are on their bye, the AFC West keeps on going . . .

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the AFC West Roundup asked if the San Diego Chargers might have a chance challenging the Denver Broncos by the end of the season. If last week is any indication, we received our answer, and the answer is "no."

The Raiders dominated the Chargers in San Diego - a home stadium that appears to have zero home field advantage. The Chargers now find themselves in the basement of the AFC West after the Chiefs managed to win a game.

The Broncos are still well ahead of everyone in the AFC West, but it's a long season. The poll here last week about the Chargers having a chance to catch up to the Broncos resulted in their worst game of the season so the Raiders will be the focus on this week's poll, just because . . .


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 6 0 0 2-0 4-0
Oakland Raiders 3 3 0 1-1 3-2
Kansas City Chiefs 2 5 0 0-1 2-2
San Diego Chargers 2 5 0 0-1 1-3

Raiders @ Chargers

Final score: 37-29

Recap: 37-29 doesn't really look like a blowout win - but this was never a close game. At halftime the score was 30-6. Rivers threw for 336 yards but he was also intercepted twice. Both tight end Antonio Gates and safety Eric Weddle missed the game due to injuries and were sorely missed by the Chargers.

Even though Chargers coach Mike McCoy referred to the Chargers performance as "pathetic", the Raiders also just looked quite good. The Raiders offense, defense, and special teams all put in a solid day of work. The Raiders offense notably scored on their first seven drives. The score would have been a lot different if the old Jack Del Rio prevent defense would have not shown its ugly face in Qualcomm Stadium. Raise your hands Broncos fans if you miss prevent defense? I'll update this post when I see any hands.

Raiders injury concerns: Neiron Ball (knee)

Chargers injury concerns: Orlando Franklin (knee)

Raiders week 8 matchup: Jets @ Raiders

Chargers week 8 matchup: Chargers @ Ravens

Steelers @ Chiefs

Final score: 13-23

Recap: The Chiefs won their second game of the season against the Steelers last Sunday. It was also their first home win of the season. However the Chiefs basically just lucked out by facing 3rd string QB Landry Jones and not Ben Roethlisberger who is expected to start against the Bengals next week. Landry Jones had two interceptions and a fumble. With that many turnovers it would have been ridiculous if the Chiefs had not found a way to win this one.

Injury concerns: None. Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin technically passed the concussion protocol but did not play against the Steelers. The hope is he will play in London.

Week 8 matchup: Lions @ Chiefs (this game is being played in London - sorry about that London)

Note: The Denver Broncos had their bye on Week 7

Week 8 predictions

I went from being totally right a week ago to totally wrong this week. Here are my picks for next week.

Broncos 6-1; Chiefs 3-5; Chargers 2-6; Raiders 3-4.

How do you think things will shake out in Week 8 in the AFC West? Let us know in the comments!