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Looking Back Broncos: The Broncos attack the Packers

Hands down, the greatest game ever played in the history of the Broncos was played against the Green Bay Packers. Fans can forget everything, 'The Drive,' The Fumble,' Tebow's miracle against the Steelers, the Super Bowl against the Falcons, but the one game no fan will ever forget is the Broncos first Championship, won in Super Bowl XXXII... but what about the other great games played against the Packers? Here's a look back.

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When I sat down to write this article, the historic games between the Packers and Broncos seemed a little too familiar. Digging through the archives, I came to find out that I wrote this week's article back in 2011 as the Broncos prepared to get shellacked by Green Bay, 23-49. Seeing as how that game was less than historic and since we haven't played again, the three most notable games in Broncos history are the same today as they were in 2011. So here is that article, updated for this week's matchup. You can find the original unaltered article here.


Though the Packers came into existence in 1919 as the semi-pro Indian/Acme Packers, they didn't join the entity that would later become the NFL until 1921. It would be fifty years before the Broncos and the Packers would face off for the first time.  On September 26, 1971 Green Bay would complete only five passes (from three different quarterbacks) that day at Milwaukee County Stadium, but that was more than enough to beat Denver, 13-34. Thankfully, this terrible loss didn't set the tone for the meetings to come. Here are four great games between the Broncos and Packers.

September 29, 1975

The Broncos Win On Monday Night!

The Broncos first appeared on Monday Night Football in 1973 in an epic match-up against the Oakland Raiders that ended in a tie.  Back in those days that was as good as a victory since up until then, Denver had an incredibly poor record against the silver and black.  After that, it was all downhill. The Broncos lost in 1974 to both the Chiefs and Redskins.  However, in 1975 Denver would win its first Monday Night Football game - against the Packers.

Broncos ring of famers had a big night.  Jim Turner was the big scorer of the night accounting for 11 points. While linebacker Randy Gradishar had a 44-yard interception for a touchdown. Wide receiver Jack Dolbin also made his presence known with a 10-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Steve Ramsey.

October 15, 1984

The Bronco Blizzard

In the 200th Monday Night Football game, the Packers came to Mile High Stadium amid a raging blizzard.  Though it snowed over a foot that night and the temperature dipped to just twenty-nine degrees, 62,546 fans made their way to the game. To start, the Packers fumbled their two opening possessions which were both returned for touchdowns by Steve Foley and Louis Wright respectively. Combined with a (barefoot) Rich Karlis field goal; the Broncos triumphed over the Pack, 17-14.

A fellow blogger wrote this great in-depth piece on the Bronco Blizzard game just this week. Well worth the trip down memory lane!

January 25, 1998

"This One's For John"

I don't really need to say anything for this one:

October 29, 2007

Toro #2 - All For Naught

In the first game of the 2007 season against the Buffalo Bills, Jason Elam and the rest of the field goal unit executed a play called "Toro."  With no timeouts and with the clock expiring, the Broncos scrambled onto the field and kicked the game winning field goal.  Such a thing had never been seen before in Broncos Country... Until it happened again just a few weeks later - against the Packers. However, Elam's 21-yard field goal would only send this game into overtime. Unfortunately, on the very first play of outside of regulation, Brett Favre hit wide receiver Greg Jennings for a soul crushing and game ending 82-yard touchdown pass. Though exciting, Toro #2 would be all for naught.  This was the last competitive meeting between the Packers and Broncos.

Both teams are coming off the bye this weekend. It's possible that this Sunday's game could be another one for the ages. Here's hoping I can bump one of these four games off the list when I do this article again in 2019.