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Chad Brown thinks the Broncos will lose a close game to the Packers

Former Colorado Buffalo and NFL linebacker, Chad Brown, was interviewed by Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive and talked about the Denver Broncos chances against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football.

Though Brown would predict a Broncos loss in this interview, he felt it would be a close game and that the Broncos would not be see their season undone from just one loss. I see why he would think the Packers would win this game, but you could almost hear him begin to talk himself into going with the Broncos.

On if he would be surprised if the Broncos come out mostly in the shotgun against Green Bay

"I would be, just because I don't think that would give them the best chance for success in that game. Obviously, the Packers are more than a potent offensive team, though not playing to their normal lofty standards. But if you want to try and do a shootout, which is kind of what that style of offense is about - I don't think the Packers are the team you'd want to try to do that against."

On if the Broncos should be written off if they lose to the Packers

"This is just one game against a team that is probably the second best or the best team in football. Definitely the best quarterback in the game, so to put too much stock into this game or write off the Broncos just because they couldn't win one football game I think would be shortsighted. Listen, they got ten games coming up here to finish the season. If they win half of these games, five of these next ten games, that would put them at 11-5 - that's in the playoffs. Of course you'd want to be playing your best football late in the season to act as a sort of springboard into the playoffs, but at the same time we see some of these teams limp into the playoffs in recent years and find a way to rally in the playoffs, so I would not take too much from this if the Broncos are are not able to play well or get a victory. There are other undefeated teams still left on the Broncos schedule, so don't put too much stock into this one."

On if he thinks the Broncos will win on Sunday

"I do not think they will win, but I think it will be a closer game. Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 11 times this season and the Broncos are obviously very good at getting after the quarterback. Aaron Rodgers has thrown a couple of interceptions this year, so it isn't impossible for a defense to pressure him into making mistakes. I think this is a pretty good matchup for the Broncos defense."

Bonus listen #1

Eric and Zach talk coaching strategies between Gary Kubiak and Mike McCarthy. Zach covered this topic in part on Mile High Sports today, talking about compromise would be a win-win for Kubiak.