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Will the Denver Broncos move to 4-0 by beating the Minnesota Vikings?

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Mile High Report has proven to be masters at this prediction game. At the end of last week, this community is nearly flawless in its point spread predictions with a full 2.25 point better mark than the second best community mark. Allow me to congratulate every single one of you that has given score predictions through the first three weeks.

Let's continue to dominate the rest of SB Nation!

Broncos 23, Vikings 3 - Tim Lynch

Sure I talked up the Minnesota Vikings pretty good this week in various posts and comments, but the reality of Teddy Bridgewater against this Denver Broncos defense led me to believe this is going to be the first "sure win" for the Broncos in 2015. Peyton Manning and the offense will continue to struggle, but will find a way to get a few scoring drives in this game, while the Broncos defense just harasses and assaults Bridgewater on every passing play. Adrian Peterson will get going early, maybe help the Vikings to a scoring drive, but once the Vikings are forced to pass its game over for them.

Broncos 38, Vikings 16 - Jon Heath

Apart from one or two big runs, Denver's defense will bottle up Adrian Peterson and coast to a 38-16 win.

Broncos 32, Vikings 10 - Kelly Fleming

This is the first week we get to see the Denver defense feast on an inexperienced quarterback, and I am pumped. Adrian Peterson can't carry the team on his back against the best defense in the league, and the Broncos will force another 5+ turnovers. Maybe if I keep saying it, eventually it will come true: the running game will find their way against a Vikings defense that allowed Carlos Hyde to score 2 touchdowns on 168 yards. CJ Anderson will play the entire game healthy, and his fantasy owners will sigh a breath of relief. Manning will look like Manning, and pass for over 300 yards. Benny Fowler will have his breakout game, and score his first regular season touchdown.

Broncos 27, Vikings 14 - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

The Broncos defense is on fire and they are coming back to Mile High where the crowd will be electrifying. So I anticipate a long, hard day for AP and his quarterback who will find himself in the dirt 3 times and running for his life a dozen more. While Peterson will still bust out some yards, the Broncos will hold him to under 100 on the day and just one touchdown. The Broncos offense will frustrate us early on but get in rhythm eventually while fending off Griffen and a mean front seven. With a little patience and a score from the Broncos' defense, the running backs will have some breathing room to work toward a little more success on the ground while Manning and his all-pro receivers can take to the air for a couple of scores.

Broncos 31, Vikings 13 - Sadaraine

Hopefully we'll see some serious 3-4 on defense this week instead of nickel and dime in order to stop AP and cause havoc in the backfield on passing downs. I think Minnesota is a great team, but I don't give them much of a chance this week against a fast and furious defense and an offense that is starting to click.

Broncos 17, Vikings 14 - Scotty Payne

This game will be tight. Anthony Barr and Everson Griffen are going to be mentioned a lot on Sunday. The Broncos offensive line is banged up right now, and we could see the likes of Michael Schofield and Tyler Polumbus playing offensive tackle for the Broncos.

Good luck Manning.

I'm not expecting a ton from the Broncos offense. Manning will work the quick passing game and the Vikings will be waiting for it. I don't see the run game getting going this week either.

So that leaves the Broncos defense to do work. I have my concerns that they will have issues stopping Adrian Peterson. Jamaal Charles sliced up this defense a few weeks ago, and I could see Peterson having similar success. With that said, I see the Broncos making life a living hell for the young Teddy Bridgewater. Multiple sacks and a interception or two.

This game will come down to whoever wins the turnover battle and how well they capitalize on said turnovers.

Broncos 22, Vikings 13 - Kyle Montgomery

The Minnesota Vikings boast a trending-up quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater and a future Hall of Fame running back. This offense is not lighting the NFL on fire, but it is arguably the toughest unit the Broncos defense has faced to date. But that's not what scares me: Minnesota's pass-rushing defense worries me as the Broncos' offensive line continues to fight through growing pains and now adds real-life pains to the list with Ty Sambrailo struggling to practice this week. My confidence in this game may change based on how healthy the OL is (and Tim's making me write this on Thursday, so I have no idea if Ty will have practiced this week). Still, this game is at home, so I think the Broncos make enough plays to pull away, whether that's on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.