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'This one's for John!' - Horse Tracks

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Good morning Broncos Country! Sorry for the late Horse Tracks this morning, but I was sidetracked by all of the awesome video content covering Pat Bowlen's upcoming enshrinement into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame. Before we get to what is an incredible set of links, I wanted to talk about the date January 25th.

That date is special to me for two reasons. The first being January 25th, 2000. The birth date of my oldest daughter, who amazingly would be born two years to the day to a very special football-related date to me.

That being the Broncos Super Bowl 32 victory over the Green Bay Packers where Pat Bowlen coined the phrase "This one's for John!"

Think about that phrase for a minute.

In an NFL populated with egomaniac billionaire owners, we have been blessed with an owner so humble that after 15 years of working his tail off to crack the Super Bowl code, he dedicates it to the player he felt he let down in the first three Super Bowl attempts.

Humble leadership is the best kind of leadership.

That one four word phrase pretty much embodies what Bowlen was all about. He was about the Denver Broncos and the players who made the team great.

Horse Tracks

Super Bowl XXXII: "THIS ONE'S FOR JOHN!!!" - Mile High Report
Bronco Mike breaks down Super Bowl 32 for us 18 months ago.

Thank you, Mr. Bowlen |
Players, staff and fans say "Thank you" to Mr. Bowlen.

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A look back at the top 5 moments when the Denver Broncos played the Green Bay Packers

Pat Bowlen's pillar unveiled at Ring of Fame Plaza |
The celebration of Owner Pat Bowlen's induction into the Ring of Fame kicked off Friday night.

2015 Ring of Fame Plaza Unveiling and Dinner |
The pillar honoring Owner Pat Bowlen in Ring of Fame Plaza was unveiled at a sunset ceremony Oct. 30.

Then, and now, Broncos 'would run through a brick wall' for Pat Bowlen |
Although Pat Bowlen was unable to attend Friday's Ring of Fame Plaza pillar unveiling, he was foremost in his former players' thoughts.

Renck: Bowlen's insatiable competitiveness defines his ownership - Denver Post
It would not have been possible to invent a better owner for the Denver Broncos than Pat Bowlen. He was perfectly cast even if he seemed an initial mismatch.

Broncos are used to the big stage, no matter the opponent | Mile High Sports
It is fair to say that the NFL over the years has slowly made football stretch through the entire week. If you are a good team you find yourself in the national spotlight several times each season and Sunday night is no different.

To contain Aaron Rodgers, start with limiting the free stuff |
Rodgers has diced up one foe after another on "free plays," so the Broncos must avoid being drawn offside to take a large chunk of the deep game away from the Packers.

Caldwell could see more time as slot receiver Sunday vs. Packers - Denver Post
Jordan Norwood earned the slot receiver position with a strong training camp. It has not translated during the season (11 catches, 80 yards) and now he's dealing with a slight hamstring issue.

Broncos see Packers matchup as a show-me game to gain respect - Denver Post
Respect can be a dangerous word. Everybody wants it, but no one has a choice when they'll receive it.

Cris Collinsworth, Tony Dungy on why Peyton Manning is struggling - Denver Post
Sunday Night Football analysts Cris Collinsworth and Tony Dungy talked at length this week about the Broncos' offensive struggles and specifically those of quarterback Peyton Manning.

Broncos' pass-rushers, cornerbacks can be difference against Packers - ESPN
It is a matchup that has it all, from alpha quarterbacks to top-tier defenses to go with a little slice of history: It is just the fourth time two teams with records of 6-0 or better have met in a season.

Rodgers at center of Denver Broncos' defensive adjustments | FOX Sports
Aaron Rodgers is already in the Denver Broncos' heads. By burning defenders early in the season, drawing linemen offside and then completing deep passes, Green Bay's star quarterback has members of the league's best defense focused on not falling prey to the best hard counter and free-play artist in the league.

Wade Phillips stays light on his feet while his Broncos defense becomes elite | USA Today
No video proof seems to exist, but enough Denver Broncos defensive players swear that it happened, so it's apparently true: Wade Phillips did the Whip and Nae Nae.

Annabel Bowlen delivers heartfelt speech on Pat's behalf | #9News #9Sports
Through his wife Annabel, Pat Bowlen was honored with his formal dedication as the 28th member of the Denver Broncos' Ring of Fame honor Friday night at the NFL stadium he made happen.

Defenses get bolder about blitzing Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning - ESPN
When Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos in 2012, there was some uncertainty, even from the Broncos, about how Manning’s career -- after neck surgery -- would look.

Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos meet in NFL battle of 6-0 teams | The MMQB
The Broncos and Packers are both perfect entering Sunday's matchup, but their quarterbacks are performing at opposite ends of the spectrum. Can Denver's defense boost its offense again?

Semana 8: Packers @ Broncos – preview [PODCAST] - Mile High Brasil
No próximo domingo, pela semana 8 da temporada 2015 da NFL, o nosso querido Denver Broncos vai receber uma visita bastante indigesta. O Green Bay Packers estará na cidade para um duelo dos invictos que promete ser eletrizante!