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Bennie Fowler deserves a bigger role on offense

Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg of Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive recently discussed a handful of topics including the Broncos wide receiver situation and what team has the better defense heading into Sunday's big game.

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Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg of Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive discussed several topics of interest in regard to the Denver Broncos game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football on Friday.

I'd would like to see more touches for Bennie Fowler. I think a lot of people would like to see what Benny Fowler is capable of if the ball comes his way a little bit more." Zach Fogg

The first segment you can listen to highlights the injury report for both teams and reveals the the surprise information that Jordan Norwood may be out for Sunday's battle against the Packers.  Given that Norwood is the receiver most often lining up in the slot for the Broncos' offense, that led to a deeper discussion on what the team may do on Sunday to replace him if he is unable to play against the Packers.

Zach Fogg believes that Norwood's absence from the receiving corps wouldn't matter that much, and pined hard for see Michigan State product Bennie Fowler to see more playing time and get more touches in Sunday's affair against Green Bay. Fogg cites that Fowler has been absolutely clutch and has hauled in every target (though limited in nature) that has been thrown his way by quarterback Peyton Manning.

This lead to additional dialogue on how the Broncos can do to improve his production and the potential advantages and drawbacks of moving Emmanuel Sanders into the slot.

Towards the end of the segment, the two explore how second-year player Cody Latimer has been a disappointment and leave us with a rhetorical question on why veteran receiver Andre Caldwell hasn't been a bigger part of the offense.

Bonus Listen: Who has the better defense Denver or Green Bay?

In another portion of The Afternoon Drive, Goodman and Fogg espouse on what this Broncos game means for the team immediately and how it will impact them the rest of the season. Moreover, they give their takes on who has the better defense in this weekends Sunday Night Football match up with Goodman emphatically supporting the Broncos by giving a handful of statistics to support his claim.

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