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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Packers slip in ranking to the surging Falcons

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The haves took another step to separate themselves from the have nots in Week 4 as the very top echelon of the league is beginning to put some distance between them and the rest of the NFL. Fortunately for us, the Denver Broncos are among those teams.

Can you believe there are only six undefeated teams and two one loss teams left in the entire NFL? That's what I mean by the haves and have nots. Fully 24 teams are .500 or worst after the first quarter of the season.

Here's your Week 5 NFL power rankings!

New England Patriots

Record 3-0. The New England Patriots had a Bye week. They probably spent their off time scouting hand signals from the rest of the teams in the NFL.

Atlanta Falcons

Record 4-0. Matt Ryan and that Atlanta Falcons defense looks mighty dangerous and with the Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans coming up on their schedule, this team could be 7-0 in short order. I do think we've found our true second Super Bowl contender in the NFC.

Green Bay Packers

Record 4-0. Aaron Rodgers is playing other worldly football this year, but they only scored 17 against the laughingstock San Francisco 49ers. For that reason, the Green Bay Packers get leapfrogged by another NFC team that obliterated its competition.

Denver Broncos

Record 4-0. This is Broncos Country every time Peyton Manning throws an interception.

Cincinnati Bengals

Record 4-0. It's hard to picture Andy Dalton as the quarterback of a team that is simply curb stomping its opponents week after week, but the Cincinnati Bengals look like a team that might actually get to a Super Bowl this year. Then again, we're talking about Dalton facing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in January or that Broncos defense. That alone is why they have not quite leapfrogged the Broncos on this list.

Carolina Panthers

Record 4-0. The weakest undefeated team on this list has to be the Carolina Panthers, but with that defense and a Cam Newton who makes good decisions, this is a team that can beat anyone. They will go as far as Superman will take them or limit them.

Arizona Cardinals

Record 3-1. It looks like that weak schedule of cup cakes was exactly that. A weak schedule of cup cakes. Faced with a tough defense, Carson Palmer was unable to find his game and the Cardinals looked like they got beat up at home. I guess they are not as good as everyone thought they were.

New York Jets

Record 3-1. Holy crap, was Geno Smith really bad enough to make the New York Jets one of the worst teams in football? Because Ryan Fitzpatrick is making them look like a serious contender to the New England Patriots throne. That Jets defense is challenging the Broncos defense for supremacy at every level.

Seattle Seahawks

Record 2-2. They won an ugly 13-10 game at home. They win like the Denver Broncos win, but when they do it they are the Legion of Boom and Russell Wilson is amazing. When the Broncos do it, it's the Broncos defense bailing out a washed up Peyton Manning. I like being underrated and under-appreciated. Oh and I'm also glad we have a defense that has been making these kinds of plays every week through four games so far. Delicious Orange Crush. Mmmmmm.

New York Giants

Record 2-2. There's my sleeper pick of 2015. Eli Manning and the New York Giants are literally seconds away from being 4-0 this season, but after a gutty road win over the upstart Buffalo Bills they have found themselves in a three way tie for the NFC East. That's going to change rather quickly. This is the Giants division in 2015.

Minnesota Vikings

Record 2-2. I was certain Teddy Bridgewater would be sacks ten times and have the worst game of his career. Well, I was about half right as he was sacked seven times, but stood in there and played one of the best games of his career in the face of incredible pass rush. The Minnesota Vikings are going to sneak into the playoffs this year. Mark my words ... albeit a little late.

St. Louis Rams

Record 2-2. The St. Louis Rams seem to refuse to beat anyone outside of their own division. What an odd team they are, but I bet they're happy to have gotten rid of Sam Bradford.

Buffalo Bills

Record 2-2. Whelp, so much for that ride. It was fun while it lasted. The Buffalo Bills are still the Buffalo Bills.

Indianapolis Colts

Record 2-2. Did I know Matt Hasslebeck was still a quarterback in the NFL on Saturday? No I did not. Well, Matt Hasslebeck is still a quarterback in the NFL and he's the reason the Indianapolis Colts even remotely looked competent on Sunday. What is with Indy and quarterbacks covering their crappy talent evaluators?

San Diego Chargers

Record 2-2. The San Diego Chargers are going to be in a lot of close games and Philip Rivers is going to throw the ball like a million times this year. Yeah, I've been picking up Chargers wide receivers in FanDuel in recent weeks. It's paying off ... at least until the other Philip shows up and starts crying again.

Dallas Cowboys

Record 2-2. I was driving back from Lake Tahoe, so I missed the game. However, from what I understand they sucked fairly consistently until Brandon Weeden tied the game late. From there, I believe the Dallas Cowboys defense crapped the bed thoroughly in overtime. And Tony Romo and Dez Bryant won't be back until late November. Hello rock, meet gravity. Fall.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Record 2-2. This was a game I felt the Pittsburgh Steelers would lose, since it was coming on a short week with backup Mike Vike only getting a small number of first team reps. By the time Ben Roethlisberger returns, the Steelers will likely be a game above .500 and fighting for the bottom tier of playoff positions.

Oakland Raiders

Record 2-2. I picked the Chicago Bears to beat the Oakland Raiders, because I've seen young, upstart teams trying to shed a losing culture do that exact thing many times over the years. That thing being losing a road game against a losing team. The Raiders are a whooping 13-42 in games following a win since 2002. The surprising thing about that stat was the fact that the Raiders have won that many games since 2002.

Washington Redskins

Record 2-2. The public is barely hearing the name of Robert Griffen III and to think he was the reason Mike Shanahan was fired from the Washington Redskins. Kirk Cousins has this team in a three way tie for first place in the NFC East. Not bad, considering the prognostication of the Redskins before the season started.

Baltimore Ravens

Record 1-3. The Baltimore Ravens should be 0-4, but they gutted out a tough road win over the Pittsburgh Steelers to save their season from being completely disastrous. It required a bit of a luck, but they got it done. Shaking my magic eight ball it tells me, "Outlook Not Good" for these Ravens.

New Orleans Saints

Record 1-3. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are back!

Tennessee Titans

Record 1-2. The Tennessee Titans had a Bye week and I've already forgotten how good or bad they are. I'll err to the side of they are without equivocation 22nd best in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs

Record 1-3. How about that defense? The one that has surrendered 30+ points three weeks in a row for the first time since 1987. That's got to hurt. It probably doesn't hurt as bad as being in the cellar of the AFC West behind even the Oakland Raiders. THE. OAKLAND. RAIDERS. YO!

Cleveland Browns

Record 1-3. The unwillingness to play Johnny Manziel reminds me a lot of John Fox's unwillingness to play Tim Tebow over Kyle Orton. The coaching staff would rather lose with a traditional crappy quarterback than potentially win with an nontraditional one. Coaches can be so stupid sometimes.

Miami Dolphins

Record 1-3. The Miami Dolphins are not very good and their coach has paid the price for it. I don't really care for the Dolphins though, so let me chuckle at their failure for a few moments.

... Okay, that was really mean, but I'm done now. Next!

Philadelphia Eagles

Record 1-3. I love it when my preseason anti-hype call on a team goes exactly as I thought. Chip Kelly is figuring out the hard way that the NFL is not Madden. You can't just jettison superior talent for lesser talent and expect it to make your team better. The Philadelphia Eagles are on the verge of a death spiral.

Detroit Lions

Record 0-4. The Detroit Lions are the only team left in the NFL that has not won a football game, but I do not believe for one second they are the worst football team in the league. They played the Broncos tough at home, then were within inches of defeating the Seahawks on the road. This team is going to win a game. And soon.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Record 1-3. The Jacksonville Jaguars screwed the pooch by losing to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. They had this game and had a chance to take sole possession of first place in the AFC South. Is it no wonder Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning have won so many division titles?

San Francisco 49ers

Record 1-3. Whelp, this is the San Francisco 49ers team we expected. Bring forth the tire swing on fire and no one is around to put it out and stuff!

Chicago Bears

Record 1-3. Jay Cutler picked apart that Jack Del Rio prevent defense for the easy win on Sunday, getting the Chicago Bears off life support for another week. I still think this team is trying to tank its season and John Fox is the perfect guy to lead that charge.

Houston Texans

Record 1-3. Hopefully the return of Arian Foster will give the Houston Texans some life, but that defense of theirs is pretty horrendous. J.J. Watt is obviously a superstar, but the rest of his teammates are awful. Next up, the Indianapolis Colts, a very beatable team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record 1-3. I think it's a good thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got that win early. They'll be competing for that number one overall pick all season long.