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Denver Broncos Power Rankings Around the Web for Week 5

The Power Rankers have spoken, and the Broncos are a solid top five team.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

ESPN: 3 (last week 4)

The Broncos lead the NFL with 18 sacks. Even more impressive? Eleven players have recorded at least one sack this season.

Thoughts: A Cardinals loss to the Rams moves the Broncos up one spot. But are the Cardinals a better team than the Broncos? Hard to say right now.

MILE HIGH REPORT: 4 (last week 4)

Thoughts: Tim Lynch has the Broncos behind the Patriots, Falcons, and Packers. That Packers-Broncos game can not come fast enough for me. 4 (last week 5)

If Wade Phillips doesn't win the Assistant Coach of the Year award this season, seriously strange things will be afoot at the NFL Honors show.

Thoughts: has the Broncos behind the Patriots, Packers, and Bengals. The Falcons, Cardinals, and Panthers come in 5-7 spots. All of these teams except for the Cardinals are currently undefeated. It will be interesting to see in a few weeks how many of these teams, if any, will stay this way.

SB Nation: 4 (last week 4)

Denver's defense might be the best in the NFL, and Peyton Manning hasn't fallen off as much as one might believe, considering the constant dialogue about his arm strength.

Thoughts: Peyton Manning's mistakes have clearly freaked out a fan base, but I agree that he hasn't fallen off nearly as much as people are claiming.

CBS Sports: 4 (last week 5)

At 4-0, they are moving more in the direction of being a defensive team. Their pass rushers make that so.

Thoughts: I think the Broncos have clearly been a defensive team since Week 1 of this season. Did it really take CBS Sports this long to notice that the Broncos defense is winning these games?

Fox Sports: 4 (last week 3)

There is no argument for the NFL’s best pass rush in 2015 -- it’s the Broncos. The defense will continue to lead the way, and if this offense can figure out its running game under Gary Kubiak, the Broncos will find the necessary balance to stay consistent on offense.

Thoughts: Fox Sports dropped the Broncos one spot on their power rankings and put the Bengals in the third spot. It's easy to discount the Bengals because of their playoff losing streak, but right now the Bengals look pretty damn impressive.

Peter King: 3 (last week 4)

Narrowly over the Bengals here. I’m bullish on the Broncos’ D, and I maintain that Peyton Mortal Manning—I think he’s starting to believe that’s his middle name—will get better and learn the limitations of his right arm as the season goes on.

Thoughts: Peter King, like many Broncos (and football) fans, just can't bring themselves to discount Peyton Manning. But Manning needs to make safer choices if he can't get more zip behind the ball. If Manning keeps getting intercepted the Broncos are going to lose one sooner rather than later.

PFF: 3 (last week 3)

Even after surrendering six catches for 86 yards against the Vikings, Bradley Roby has allowed an NFL passer rating of 56.3, the best for second-year cornerbacks.

Thoughts: The depth of the Broncos defensive is a bit ridiculous. And Derek Wolfe and Kenny Anunike haven't even played a game yet.

What do you think about these power rankings? Let us know in the comments!