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Broncos-Raiders preview: Broncos defense aiming to 'annihilate' Jack Del Rio's Raiders

Former Broncos safety Nick Ferguson joined Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on MHS' The Afternoon Drive and talked about the Broncos-Raiders rivalry and the current state of the 2015 Broncos.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Former Broncos safety Nick Ferguson had a great appearance on The Afternoon Drive Thursday, breaking down his days within the Broncos-Raiders rivalry, the success of T.J. Ward, and his takes on the offense. But he also gave some insight into what Broncos defenders might be thinking heading into a match against their former defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

"I'm sure these guys want to go out and show Jack Del Rio, say, 'Listen. You could have stayed here, and you could have had this core group of guys,'" Ferguson said. "'But you chose to go to Oakland for whatever particular reason. But we're going to show you, and the best way to do that is annihilating your offense. And we have a great gameplan, at the ending tick of the clock, the Broncos are going to emerge victorious.'"

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It pumps us up to hear a former Bronco talk about a revived Broncos-Raiders rivalry, and we're stoked to see Wade Phillips continue to use his playmakers to perfection while Del Rio (presumably) stays conservative.

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