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The Denver Broncos will beat the Green Bay Packers for Pat Bowlen

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Mile High Report is barely holding onto a .05 point lead over all other SB Nation blogs on this score prediction deal through six games. That lead is over Acme Packing Company, so something tells me the winner of tonight's game will also become the leader on this score predictor. So to that, I say, Go Broncos!

We've combined Horse Tracks with today's post, so scroll down for the morning Broncos news after giving your score prediction.

Broncos 27, Packers 17 - Tim Lynch

This is one of those rare occasions where the better team (at a particular point in a season) does not win the game. With the emotions of Pat Bowlen being enshrined and the intensity of the crowd that him being honored at half time will simply create a wall that even Aaron Rodgers won't be able to break through. The Orange Crush defense is going to surge for sixty minutes and Peyton Manning will finally find some rhythm on offense. The score will be closer than it seems as I fully expect the Green Bay Packers to score a late touchdown in a fruitless effort to close the three score deficit.

Win this one for Pat!

Broncos 23, Packers 20 - Kelly Fleming

I'm coming into this game with high hopes and low expectations. That said, I'm going to choose to be an optimist here. This game will be low-scoring, highlighting the defense despite the quarterback match up being big story of the night. Coming back to Denver and seeing Pat Bowlen's emotional induction into the ring of fame will amp up the Broncos' motivation to play hard enough against Aaron Rodgers to give us a late game come-back, pulling out the close victory. My hope is that the Broncos offense had enough time during the bye week to get on the same page and really start showing some effectiveness, but that is not my expectation. My expectation will be for the defense to save us until proven otherwise.

Packers 37, Broncos 23 - Pete Baron

I've been lamenting over this game for three weeks. I flip flop between a Green Bay blowout to a Green Bay close victory. Unfortunately, until I put my blind homer glasses on, I just can't see any feasible way that the Broncos pull out a victory. Sure, the Packers haven't been as offensively prolific as in years past, but that is more due to the injuries in their receiving corps. They are all banged up, but aside from Jordy Nelson, they are all back and ready to fly come Sunday Night. On the opposite side of the field lies the good guy, our Denver Broncos. I love our defense, that's never been up for debate. This team is taking on the 2000 Baltimore Ravens or 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers feel; Crap offense, amazing defense! I can't help but shake the feeling of "If Trent Dilfer can win on the back of their defense, so can Peyton F'ing Manning!" But then Manning throws a few interceptions and a couple pick sixes (Dilfer didn't), and I crash back down to earth.

So what is my prediction? I predict that the Broncos offense stays stuck in neutral and that means a lot of three and outs which keeps our defense on the field just long enough for them to start breaking down. After that point, Rodgers will have a field day in Mile High Stadium.

Editor's Note: Pete predicts another Broncos loss, which means we'll get another Broncos win. :)

Packers 27, Broncos 24 - Christopher Hart

Two of the NFL's remaining five undefeated teams face off in Denver for Sunday Night Football. Unfortunately, I don't see the Broncos coming out with a victory against an extremely talented Packers squad. If the Broncos lose in the turnover battle, they will lose the game. It's that simple. I have a feeling that the aggressive defense of the Packers will be able to get to Manning and force several turnovers, putting the Broncos defense in another predicament. They have been able to hold off a myriad of QB's this year in crunch time, but this week they are facing the league's best in Aaron Rodgers. It'll be a tough game for the Broncos and one I see them coming up a few points short of winning.

Broncos 35, Packers 24 - Jonathan Heath

Peyton Manning returns to form this week as the Broncos knock off the Packers in convincing fashion.

Broncos 31, Packers 24 - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Because, you know, Super Bowl XXXII, Pat Bowlen and, well, serendipity. (Oh, and we win because a linebacker swats down an Aaron Rodgers pass on fourth down that seals the victory). I love predictions.

Packers 24, Broncos 17 - Scotty Payne

The Broncos won't be able to overcome Manning's mistakes against a very good Packers team. The defense will do well early, but wear down late. Prove ms wrong Peyton.

Broncos 30, Packers 24 - Kyle Montgomery

Normally I would pick the Packers here - I think they're just a little bit of a better, more-rounded football team. But "a little bit better" isn't enough to beat the Broncos, at home, on Sunday Night, on a night they host some of their greatest alums and induct Pat Bowlen into their Ring of Fame. I'm ignoring my head and going with my heart here, and I hope to goodness I'm right.

Give us your score predictions, Broncos Country!

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