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Horse Tracks: Suspension looms over Talib, Broncos

If you're Tom Brady, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick, Greg Hardy, or Ndomukong Suh, it takes weeks or months for the NFL to hand out punishment. If you're Aqib Talib, it takes hours. Talib's appeal is slated to be heard on Tuesday and Broncos fans are hopeful that the punishment will be reduced to a fine. Today is a good day to refresh twitter and get your popcorn ready.

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Yes, Aqib Talib should be punished for playing Hokey Pokey with Dwayne Allen's eye. It's clear what he was trying to do and it's dirty. Someone on Twitter yesterday said that it was almost comical because of the stupidity and blatant intent. I  agree. However, this is football and dudes poke dudes in the eyes all the time, especially in the bottom of piles. We all remember that Bill Romanowski straight-up broke a guy's finger in the bottom of a pile. Such acts are dirty, but not unprecedented. Further, Talib is not a serial-poker. The league needs to hit him in his pocketbook for being so stupid, but they shouldn't punish the team as a whole. Here's hoping that suspension becomes a fine by the end of the day.


The big news of Monday was Talib's eye poke and Tuesday's appeal hearing.

Aqib Talib of Denver Broncos suspended 1 game for eye poke | ESPN

Talib to have 1-game suspension appeal heard Tuesday | #9NEWS #9SPORTS #TOOMANYHASHTAGS

What does former Bronco Dave Stoddard think about the eye-poke? Audio: Former Bronco Dave Studdard tells Gil what an eye poke would get you in his day... | Mile High Sports

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For at least the next two Broncos games, the game plan will have to be executed without DeMarcus Ware. Ware expected to miss next 2 games with back injury | #9NEWS #9SPORTS #HASHTAGMY9WITHANOTHER#

A Broncos favorite got another shot in 2015! Let's just hope that ol' Wes Welker doesn't get any concussions with that shot. Rams Sign Former Broncos Receiver Wes Welker " CBS Denver

The Chargers are dropping like flies. The amount of injuries this team has sustained at this point in the season in nothing short of incredible. Another Chargers injury: Malcom Floyd goes down | ProFootballTalk

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In Blaine Gabbert news, he's starting this week after engineering a victory Sunday over the Falcons. Jim Tomsula: Blaine Gabbert to start again for 49ers -

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Rounding out today's Horse Tracks, I'll leave you with this bizarre story out of Tampa. Florida man charged with trying to burn Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 80x50 foot flag | ESPN