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Broncos, Raiders, Chargers lose: AFC West Wrap-Up for Week 9

This week wasn't a good one for the AFC West. All three teams that played in Week 9 lost close games.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers all lost their games in Week 9, and oddly, they each lost by three points. A few different bounces of the ball and each team could be winners, but alas, it wasn't to be.

For the Chargers it was just one more close loss for the season. For the Raiders it was a close loss that was a reminder for their fans that a playoff game is not a gimme for their vastly improved team. And for the Broncos this loss was not only their first of the season, but a good wakeup call for both the offense and the defense.


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 7 1 0 2-0 4-1
Oakland Raiders 4 4 0 1-1 4-3
Kansas City Chiefs 3 5 0 0-1 2-2
San Diego Chargers 2 7 0 0-1 1-4

The Broncos maintain their three-game lead in the AFC West, but there's still a ton of football to be played. Denver needs to make sure their Week 9 loss was indeed a wakeup call and not the start of a 2009-esque regression. I think they will.

Broncos @ Colts

Final Score: 24-27


Hopefully the Broncos will not have to play the Colts again this season as they seem to play their worst against them. As many have noted, this was a complete team loss. Luckily for the Broncos, everyone else in the AFC West also lost, so this game will probably only matter when it comes to playoff bye seeding.

Broncos Injury/Suspension Concerns: DeMarcus Ware re-injured his back. Aqib Talib faces a 1 game suspension for being an idiot poking a Colt in the eye.

Week 10 matchup: Chiefs @ Broncos

Raiders @ Steelers

Final Score: 35-38

Recap: The Raiders are playing better football than they have in years and came very close to winning this game. Games that turn into offensive shootouts are fun to watch, but both teams defensive units will have to play better to do well in the playoffs. Right now the AFC Wild Card spots look like a race between the Raiders, Steelers, and Jets.

Raiders Injury Concerns: Latavius Murray (concussion), Rodney Hudson (ankle)

Week 10 matchup: Vikings @ Raiders

Bears @ Chargers

Final Score: 22-19

Recap: The Chargers were leading the Bears until the last 3 minutes of the game. That's the kind of season this has been for the Chargers. The Chargers have now lost 5 games in a row. Yikes!

Chargers Injury Concerns: Malcom Floyd (shoulder)

Week 10 matchup: Bye week

Note: Chiefs had a Bye Week 9