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Broncos Power Rankings see Denver fall entering Week 10

You win some (seven), you lose some (one); you end up in the Top 5 of NFL Power Rankings. Mostly.

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Last week almost everyone had the Broncos ranked #2 or #3. This week the Broncos slipped a bit (averaging a #4 placement) after a disappointing loss to the Colts. One highlight for the Broncos - they sure went out kicking and screaming this time - digging themselves out of a 0-17 hole to come within three points of winning the game.

Speaking of kicking and screaming to win a game, Andrew Luck reportedly lacerated his kidney in the beginning of the 4th quarter last Sunday - and never came off the field. That's some insane toughness. I'd be lying if I said I was excited to see another Broncos-Colts game this season, but if they do meet up in the playoffs, it wouldn't seem right without Luck as their QB. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery.

Here's a look at how NFL analysts around the web rank the Broncos going into week.

ESPN: 4 (last week 2)

The Broncos' defense finally looked mortal Sunday, and it led to a loss. The Broncos rushed for a season-low 35 yards, and Peyton Manning added two more interceptions to continue the offensive woes.

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Panthers, Broncos, Packers. 4 (last week 2)

You never want to point the finger at anyone, but ... oh brother, what an ugly finish in Indy on Sunday. The Broncos' defense, dominant in every way this season, committed more than a few mental errors. Let's not overreact to the loss, however.

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Panthers, Broncos, Packers.

Mile High Report: 5 (last week 2)

We finally saw what this Denver Broncos team looks like when its defense has a bad game. They didn't just have a bad game, they played undisciplined and dirty. Aqib Talib is getting suspended, DeMarcus Ware is out 2-4 weeks with an injury and T.J. Ward is piping off on social media about the rules the NFL has in place. I'm so annoyed with the team that I wish I could drop them farther this week, but they did kick the shit out of the next team on my list just 9 days ago...

Top five: Patriots, Bengals, Panthers, Cardinals, Broncos.

SB Nation: 6 (last week 3)

The Broncos slip in the rankings after falling to the Colts on the road. Their previously dominant defense gave up 252 yards passing and two touchdowns to Andrew Luck and, once again, the offense had their troubles. Peyton Manning was picked off two times and the Broncos could only manage 35 yards rushing on the night as they were forced to turn to the passing game to put together a comeback.

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Panthers, Cardinals, Vikings.

CBS Sports: 4 (last week 3)

What happened to the defense in Indianapolis? They must have read the press clippings. It's not like the offense helped that much.

Top 5: Patriots, Bengals, Panthers, Broncos, Cardinals.

Fox Sports: 5 (last week 2)

Against the Colts, the vaunted defense gave up 12 of 20 third-down conversions. Losing DeMarcus Ware (injury) and Aqib Talib (one game suspension) isn’t going to help matters.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos.

Peter King: 4 (last week 2)

DeMarcus Ware missing a couple of weeks with a bad back is a big deal. It would be a lot bigger if one of the best backup players in football right now—no exaggeration—were not on the depth chart behind him. Watch Shaquil Barrett Sunday against the Chiefs; he’s a really good player.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals.

PFF: 4 (last week 4)

Left guard Evan Mathis has a run block rating of 93.3.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals.

What do you think about these power rankings? Let us know in the comments!