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Peyton Manning injury: Broncos QB misses practice with foot injury

We'll be watching the injury report this week. (This story has been updated).

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is dealing with a foot injury, according to CBS4 Denver's Vic Lombardi.

Lombardi noted that Peyton isn't expected to miss playing time as he deals with the injury.

Still, we'll be following the news closely. It'll be interesting to see whether Manning practices at all Wednesday. Through Weeks 1-6, Manning sat out Wednesday practices as head coach Gary Kubiak had his 39-year-old quarterback on a bit of a snap count. Over the last two weeks, Manning has bucked that trend, and seen offensive improvement.

Don't be surprised, given Manning's injury, if he returns to not participating Wednesday. The rest of the week's injury report will be more interesting.

All things considered, Manning came out of Week 9 pretty clean, especially if you compare that to how his opposing quarterback, Andrew Luck, left Week 9.


Manning indeed missed practice Wednesday. He's expected to practice Thursday.