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Your Denver Broncos midseason MVP Awards

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of Denver Broncos players worthy of Most Valuable Player consideration at the midway point of the season. First, the Broncos are 7-1 largely from an historic defensive effort from nearly every position and even back-ups. Second, the Broncos offense has struggled, but there have been a few stars that have shown brightly through eight games so far.

There's only so many of us giving out these awards, so definitely give yours in the comments section. Here are our MVP's after the half a season.

Broncos Midseason MVP's

Von Miller

Dirty or not, Miller is the best player on a defense without weakness. While his sack numbers won't knock you out of this world, his pressures and hits will. Furthermore, he constantly demands double teams, which sets the stage for the rest of the pass rush and sets the tone of the defense overall. Add his decent coverage skills this season and you have a complete player defending in his prime. - Kyle Montgomery

Aqib Talib

Despite his poor judgement and resulting suspension last week, Aqib Talib has actually won a couple of games for the Denver Broncos all by himself. The first came in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens, where his pick six would be the only Broncos touchdown scored in the entire game.

The second came against the Cleveland Browns and though it didn't prove to be the game winner, it helped the Broncos build up a lead that helped stave off a Browns late comeback.

Talib has simply be on fire in 2015 and has been a game changer all year long. Here's to him coming back from his one game suspension and getting a few more game changing interceptions before seasons' end. - Tim Lynch

Wade Phillips

Wade is working magic with this defense and is a huge part of why we have so many wins. - Sadaraine

I know this should be reserved for a player, but the main difference between last year and this year is the coordinator. Wade took a middle of the pack defense and made them elite. You can see it in the player's attitudes and playmaking habits. Wade has this group playing fast and loose. When you can visibly see how much fun players are having on the field, you know that it starts with their coach and filters down to the players. With them loving the game of football again, there is no reason why the defensive unit that Wade has galvanized together won't keep up their dominating pace. Wade for MVP. Wade for President. Just don't have Wade be a head coach, he isn't very good at that. - Pete Baron

Peyton Manning

Manning doesn’t seem like the obvious choice – and for many of you not even a rational one – the way DeMarcus Ware, Brandon Marshall or just about any player on defense would.

But I’m giving it to him for three reasons:

1) For managing the offense in many tough circumstances and still making out with 7 wins in 8 hard-fought games. Manning has made his share of mistakes so far this season, but he has often been the reason this fledgling offense has been able to score enough to win – or enough that the defense could bail it out. Not just any quarterback could have done that.

2) For generally leading the team through an interesting year. Having to learn a completely different offense in his final seasons and working with a pretty rough offensive line is probably not the way Manning would choose to finish his football career, but he’s doing it without complaining and while taking the brunt of the criticism for the offense’s woes. That kind of accountability is one a few of his teammates would do well to remember (looking at you Talib and Ward); and

3) For putting up with Denver fans. We love him when he throws a lot of touchdowns but are too ready to kick him to the curb the minute he throws a pick, as if another Hall-of-Famer is just around the corner. Thankfully, Manning has patience for fans that we unfortunately do not have enough of for him. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Gary Kubiak

Things got tough through week 6 on offense, but Kubiak didn’t give up and let Manning run the game. They worked together and came up with a plan that is showing it can work if they keep improving it, and it is starting to pay off. That coupled with the right amount of "kicking and screaming" is exactly the reason Elway was so sure he wanted to hire him. Keep it up, Kubes. - Kelly Fleming