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Will the Denver Broncos bounce back against the Kansas City Chiefs?

Each week we ask you all for score predictions and until last week Mile High Report was the best score predictions across all of SB Nation. However, after two straight weeks of an unexpected blowout win and a close road loss, that is no longer the case.

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

Following up the most impressive win of the year with the biggest stinker of the year, the Denver Broncos need to get back on track and back in rhythm, especially on defense. With the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town fresh off a Bye, the Broncos will need to get it done without Aqib Talib or DeMarcus Ware.

The good news is that the Broncos defense - now humbled - should be highly motivated to come out and prove the doubters wrong once again. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning and that offense need to continue to improve and they must stop turning the ball over.

Broncos 34, Chiefs 13 - Tim Lynch

There will come a time this season where the Broncos offense will come alive and that time is very near. Manning is looking sharper with each passing week and once he figures out how to stop throwing so many interceptions, this offense is going to find itself a touchdown better than its early and midseason self.

The reason for the blowout, however, comes from the Broncos defense. That No Fly Zone was flying high just ten days ago and now the doubters have crept their way back into the lime light. After last week, those guys have got to be anxious to go out there and put a beat down on someone. It's too bad for the Chiefs that they drew that short straw.

In this game, I think Manning will be the driving force early with two quick touchdowns to jump out early. The defense will do its part to limit the Chiefs ability to sustain drives and the points will pile up late. Better luck next year, Chiefs fans.

Broncos 27, Chiefs 17 - Christopher Hart

The Chiefs have had two weeks to prepare for their game against the Broncos this weekend, which could give them the upper hand in game planning and strategy. Alas, the Broncos will be eager to rid themselves of the bad vibes of their loss to the Colts and will have home field advantage with a roaring crowd set to cheer on the team this weekend. The stakes are high for both teams. A win by Kansas City keeps them in the AFC Wild Card hunt. A win by the Broncos gives them another mark towards securing the AFC West title.

This will be another nail-biting game, but a game where I believe the Broncos will reign supreme. Expect Denver to try and get the ground game going to help set up their passing attack. Moreover, have no doubts that the Broncos defense will be playing with a large chip on their shoulder after their tumultuous performance at Indianapolis.

Broncos 31, Chiefs 24 - Pete Baron

Divisional games are never anything to take lightly. While I'd love nothing more than to say we will whoop up on the Chiefs to the tune of 90-0, I just can't. Divisional games are always close no matter who the teams are and where they play. One cannot overlook the fact that DeMarcus Ware and Aqib Talib will both be missing from the starting lineup. That isn't one, but two pro bowl players on the defense that will be missing. It's beginning to look a lot like 2013 all over again with defensive starters being out at mid-season. And hey, we made a Super Bowl run that year, so why not this year?

Anyways, I'm sidetracked. Even with those two mega stars out of our lineup, we still have the defensive firepower to stop the Chiefs. They are missing Jamaal Charles, so their running game won't impact us like in week two. Then again, without Charles, the Chiefs don't fumble and the Broncos lose in Arrowhead. Maybe having him out of the lineup is a bad thing? I think Peyton and the offensive gang will once again be mostly stuck in neutral. The snarky side of me says "Peyton has 3 yards to break the record? Will he do that before or after halftime?" but that would be a bit much. I'm sure the first play of the game will be a quick 5 yard toss to get the record out of the way and carry on with the dismantling of the Chiefs' defense.

My prediction for the game? The same exact score as in week 2: 31-24 Denver in the series sweep.

Broncos 30, Chiefs 20 - Kelly Fleming

The Broncos are coming off of a defensive meltdown, resulting in a lot of criticism. This will give them extra motivation to play hard against a division rival at home. The absence of Talib will be noticeable, but not a game changer, especially against a team with limited wide receiver options. Shaquil Barrett will be a fine replacement for Ware, as we've seen before. The offense will continue their improvement.

Broncos 23, Chiefs 13 - Kyle Montgomery

The Chiefs are red hot. They haven't lost in a calendar month, have one win by 35 points under their belts, and will be nice and relaxed coming off their bye entering Week 10.

Too bad all of that confidence will be for naught as Denver's angry defense responds to last weeks' whooping. I don't see the Chiefs able to put up more than 13 points against the Broncos this Sunday. The Broncos will have their struggles on offense - the Chiefs defense has been playing very well lately, and I see it being tied late in the game. Then a few crucial turnovers give the Broncos the win, 23-13.

Broncos 24, Chiefs 17 - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

The Broncos never lose when I'm at the game, and I'm going to the game, so that's all anyone should need for a prediction! Regardless of rank in the AFC West, W-L records, Brett Favre records, home-field advantages, bye weeks or injuries, any game against a division rival is a tough one, and I don't expect this one to be any different. In fact, I hope it isn't. Much more fun when they come down to the wire and we pull out the W (which is what will happen - but probably not before we all suffer a few heart attacks, so keep the defibrillator handy!)

Give us your score predictions, Broncos Country!