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Chiefs beat up Broncos; Raiders lose: AFC West Wrap-up for Week 10

The Broncos are still leading the AFC West comfortably, but there are a lot of questions about the future of the team.

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The Chiefs finally beat a Broncos team where Peyton Manning started at quarterback in Week 10. But they've still never beaten a Broncos team where Peyton Manning finished the game.

The Broncos have now lost two games in a row and will start Brock Osweiler at quarterback against the Bears next week. The Chiefs have won three in a row but still have a losing record. Only time will tell if the Chiefs are truly on a streak that will last. The Raiders have lost two in a row and are on the road for the next two weeks. The Chargers spent week 10 getting some much needed rest for their battered players, and getting prepared for a division matchup with the Chiefs.

The Broncos are at a low point for the season. But with a change at quarterback, and a three game lead against the Chiefs and Raiders, the Broncos are still in good position to win the West.


Team W L T Div Conf.
Denver Broncos 7 2 0 2-1 4-2
Kansas City Chiefs 4 5 0 1-1 3-2
Oakland Raiders 4 5 0 1-1 4-3
San Diego Chargers 2 7 0 0-1 1-4

Chiefs @ Broncos

Final Score: 29-13

Recap: Almost everyone had questions about Manning being able to stay healthy throughout the playoffs. Now Broncos fans don't have to wonder if he can stay healthy through January - because he isn't healthy now. Manning played his worst game of his career against the Chiefs on Sunday, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that if Manning isn't 100 percent healthy, he isn't going to play well. How/why Manning started the game while dealing with injuries to his shoulder, foot, and rib cage can be debated until everyone drops to the floor in exhaustion. The question now is will Manning be able to heal and convince Kubiak/Elway he deserves another shot. How Osweiler plays next week against the Bears may have a large impact on that decision, but right now we don't even know if Manning will ever truly get healthy this season.

The Chiefs have won three in a row but still have a losing record

The Broncos offensive implosion came at an unfortunate time as division games are always important - no matter how many games you are ahead of your fellow division rivals. The Chiefs defense performed well to keep the Broncos off balance. The Broncos defense on the other hand struggled - but mostly because they were put into terrible field position time after time. A big concern for the Broncos going forward is reigning in defensive player frustrations. Last week Aqib Talib rightfully got suspended for poking someone in the eye - this week T.J. Ward got ejected from the game for throwing a punch. This kind of undisciplined stupidity has to stop for the team to succeed.

In the end, the Broncos were lucky the Chiefs had to settle for field goals for most of the afternoon. The final score did not tell the whole story. There was barely a moment of this game where it appeared reasonable to think that the Broncos would come out with a win.

Chiefs Injury Concerns: Sean Smith (knee), Tyvon Branch (foot)

Broncos Injury Concerns: Manning (foot) out for at least next week, Sanders passed concussion protocol during the game but did not play for part of the second half.

Chiefs Week 11 Matchup: Chiefs @ Chargers

Broncos Week 11 Matchup: Broncos @ Bears

Vikings @ Raiders

Final Score: 30-14

Recap: The red hot Vikings ran right over the Raiders and extended their winning streak to five in a row. The Raiders defense had no answers for Adrian Peterson and were able to slow down a talented Raiders offense. Raiders QB Derek Carr threw two touchdowns, but also two interceptions.

The Raiders haven't played the Chiefs yet as their first matchup is in early December. That game could become an important one in the AFC wildcard playoff race. The Raiders and Chiefs will first have to catch the Steelers, Jets, and Bills however if they want to make it to the postseason.

Raiders Injury Concerns: D.J. Hayden (shoulder)

Week 11 Matchup: Raiders @ Lions

NOTE: The Chargers had a bye week 10 and will play the Chiefs at home in Week 11