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Broncos' Omar Bolden feels Peyton Manning's pain

By name alone, a torn plantar fascia doesn't sound too fun. Omar Bolden, who had that same injury as Peyton Manning, confirms that is indeed the case.

Denver Broncos defensive back Omar Bolden spent three-to-four weeks on the Broncos' injury report this season with the exact same injury from which Peyton Manning is currently suffering: a torn plantar fascia. Bolden spent some time with The Afternoon Drive to shed light on the prognosis and his recovery.

"The pain is very excruciating," Bolden said. "Really, it feels like you're walking and running on broken glass."

It feels like you're walking on broken glass

Bolden said that his treatment involved a number of elements, but ultimately rest was what was needed. He hasn't approached Manning yet, but plans to.

"Everything man," Bolden said. "Icing. Stemming. Dry needling. All types of laser machines. All type of machines I don't even know the names to. 30 to 40 minute treatments. Everything man, for something that's still lingering now."

"There's really nothing you can do besides rest," continued Bolden. "And if we had that type of time, the season would be over."

All types of laser machines

So is this a week-to-week injury for Peyton Manning?

"I wouldn't say so," Bolden said, laughing. "But it all depends on the individual. If you can tolerate the pain, then you can play. It depends on what position you're playing, too. For him (Manning), it may be a little easier for him to get back. I don't know. I'm not inside his body. But I know he doesn't do a lot of change of direction that I would do at my position, so he may have an opportunity to get back before I did."

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