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Denver Broncos vs. Chicago Bears: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 11, CBS)

Courtesy of, here's a breakdown of who will get the Broncos' game on TV this weekend. Click here to view the full map.

Much of the country will get to Brock and Roll on Sunday.

If you're in the red (including Alaska and Hawaii), you'll get the Broncos game against the Bears on CBS. Those in the blue will get Colts-Falcons; those in the green will get Jets-Texans; those in the orange will get Raiders-Lions; and those in the yellow will get Chiefs-Chargers, according to

(If you're not in the red, there's other ways you can catch the game.)

Denver (7-2) faces Chicago (4-5) in a game overflowing with story lines.

Peyton Manning is out with injury, so Brock Osweiler will get his first NFL start—on his birthday. Denver will be playing against Jay Cutler (yeah, you remember him), who has found nice success under John Fox and Adam Gase (yeah, you remember them).

Meanwhile, the Broncos are one-point underdogs to the Bears, depending on who you ask. One projection gives Denver just 38 percent chance of winning (ESPN gives them 44 percent). When was the last time Denver was considered an underdog?

If Brock manages to "upset" Chicago, he'll become the first quarterback drafted by the Broncos to win his first career start since Gary Kubiak. There's another story line.

Denver is 7-7 against Chicago all-time, including a 2-4 record on the road. Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts will call the game with Evan Washburn reporting from the sidelines.

Kickoff is CBS is scheduled for 11 a.m. Mile High Time.