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Is the West Coast offense outdated?

Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg once again tackle several topics of interest leading up to the Denver Broncos showdown against the Chicago Bears this weekend.

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Hello Broncos Country,

Our friends Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on Mile High Sports' The Afternoon Drive tackled a handful of topics in regard to the Denver Broncos and their upcoming game against the Chicago Bears.

In their first segment, Goodman and Fogg discussed the success (or lack thereof) in regard to the West Coast offense the Broncos run under the guidance of Head Coach Gary Kubiak. Mentioned in their dialogue was the fact that only four playoff games using this offense (or similar variations) have occurred since their back-to-back Super Bowl victories.

The two continued to espouse on their thoughts on the offense, including on the potential of Brock Osweiler leading it. Furthermore, in the event that Osweiler doesn't succeed, a sense of optimism was brought up as it was mentioned that this offense that can be ran quite easily by an average to above-average quarterback and still have success. (See: Matt Schaub)

In their second segment, the two talked with Mile High Report Editor-in-Chief Kyle Montgomery on whether or not he believed that the Broncos' set Peyton Manning for failure, which Montgomery disagreed (and others at Mile High Report) with vehmently.  Additionally, they exchanged sentiments on the upcoming game against Chicago, perhaps most importantly, getting off to a hot start and playing disciplined football in order to be successful against the Bears.

Mongtomery offered his thoughts on Brock Osweiler and detailed his excitement for getting to see Kubiak's offense ran "as advertised" which led to Goodman dropping some insider information that fans should expect the Broncos to run a lot more plays with Osweiler under center, as opposed to the myriad of pistol and shotgun formation set-ups employed under Manning.

The aforementioned segments were Fogg's last for Mile High Sports on The Afternoon Drive. On behalf of Mile High Report, we would like to wish Zach Fogg the best in his future endeavors.

Feel free to sound off in the comments and give your opinions on some of the topics highlighted in the aforementioned podcasts.  Once again, thanks for reading and enjoy the game this weekend.