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Questionable officiating a concern in the Broncos-Bears game

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't the first time Denver Broncos fans have complained about the referees this season, but it is was certainly the most lopsided game of the year in terms of officiating. Eight fouls for 118 yards were called on the day. All of them going against Denver.

Most egregiously, half of those calls for 64 yards came during the fourth quarter helping the Chicago Bears score a touchdown thereby covering the spread for Vegas. I'm not saying its a conspiracy, rather just noting that remarkable coincidence.

Broncos players are noticing the calls as well. T.J. Ward was especially frustrated when asked about defending the two-point conversion saying, "They got down the field on some calls. We finished the game off. We didn’t let them in a couple times they were down there. That just shows the style of football we like to play on defense, and what we can do when our backs are up against the wall."

When asked about how he felt on being able to come up big to protect the lead, he said, "It was very relieving, cause I don’t feel they got down there by honest measure. I don’t feel they got down the field honestly. To stop them, it was very fulfilling."

I must agree with Ward here. When us fans see Von Miller held repeatedly throughout a game and not once have it called or seeing defensive pass interference called when the offensive player is tackling the defender to save an interception, it is frustrating. The only choice the defense had was to make a game-saving play on the two-point conversion and that is exactly what they did.

We're just glad for the win, but hopefully the NFL notices this crap too and does something about weeding out the referees who make such questionable calls on a regular basis. Especially when it aligns with Vegas odds.