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Horse Tracks: Rumors about Peyton Manning don't add up, and they're not coming from him

It's not time to worry about Peyton Manning's future. It's time to Brock and Roll.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard the rumors about Peyton Manning. Reports indicated that he plans to play in 2016, even if it's not with the Broncos. But coach Gary Kubiak said on Monday that those rumors are "totally false," in addition to stating that Manning will miss another game due to injury (Brock Osweiler will get a second consecutive start).

The rumors surrounding Manning don't add up, according to the team's senior digital reporter, Andrew Mason. Additionally, Mason says that none of the rumors are coming from Manning himself:

It's probably best to enjoy the ride with Osweiler and hope for the best for Manning. If he becomes healthy enough to play again in 2015, perhaps he will. But Denver will cross that bridge when they come to it—right now it's Brock's time to shine.

With that in mind, it's certainly not time to be thinking about 2016. Manning doesn't know if he'll come back, and he doesn't need to. He needs to focus on getting healthy. The Broncos need to focus on winning with Osweiler.

These rumors will be addressed in due time.

In the meantime, enjoy the ride, Broncos Country.

Horse Tracks

Gary Kubiak says Peyton Manning focused on health, not playing elsewhere in 2016

Since Manning's left foot and rib injuries have sidelined him, there has been speculation about his near- and long-term future. The Broncos have maintained that Manning still is their top quarterback and simply is focusing on his recovery from his injuries.

Brock Osweiler: Reaction from impressive debut vs. Bears

It’s a time of transition for the Denver Broncos with Brock Osweiler making his first start at QB for the team since he was drafted in 2012, but it’s also a very exciting time for the fans as Osweiler looked really freaking good.

Brock Osweiler didn’t actually do enough to beat out Peyton Manning

On Sunday, everyone had a red pen out, ready to grade the performance of a first-time starting quarterback. That’s because on a cold and blustery day in Chicago, Brock Osweiler was auditioning to be the future, and perhaps current, starting quarterback of the Broncos.

Peyton Manning visiting foot specialist for second opinion

According to Lindsay Jones of USA Today, the injured Broncos quarterback is in Charlotte, getting a second opinion on his injured foot.

Update on Broncos injuries

The list of Broncos injuries grew longer Sunday. Starting left guard Evan Mathis came out of the game with an ankle injury.

Brock Osweiler to make second start; Peyton Manning gets second opinion

While quarterback Peyton Manning was in Charlotte, N.C., Monday, getting a second opinion on his left foot injury, Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said he wanted his 8-2 team to know "our direction'' in the week to come, and all involved started to go about the business of getting Brock Osweiler ready to start Sunday night against the New England Patriots.

Another former Bronco comes out in support of Brock Osweiler

Dave Studdard played 145 games for the Denver Broncos, 133 of them starts. In his tenth and final season, though, he started just four of 11 games. After protecting John Elway‘s blind side for the five years prior, Studdard knew he was done. But he hung on for one last year and his body – and his team – suffered for it. Denver missed the playoffs in his final year, one year removed from back-to-back AFC titles.

Next-Day Notebook: Tight ends receive a major piece of Osweiler's big day

The tight ends came up big for Brock Osweiler and Cody Latimer had a career day with his first touchdown in the NFL.

Broncos bulk up the formation, bulk up the production on offense

The Denver Broncos' offense has seen the future. Or, at least the near future, and frankly all involved like it.