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Denver Broncos power rankings around the web Week 12

After a win in chilly Chicago, the Broncos are close to being back where they were in the power rankings before the two losses to the Colts and Chiefs.

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Last week not only did the Denver Broncos have their worst game of the season, but the author of this series (me) had the stomach flu, and was unable to write this post. SPOILER ALERT: the Broncos went down in the power rankings last week.

This week the Broncos are coming off an important road win against the Chicago Bears. Here is where the Broncos landed on power rankings around the web going into Week 12.

ESPN: 3 (last week 7)

Brock Osweiler got the start in Week 11. The Broncos didn't commit a turnover for the first time all season and rushed for a season-high 170 yards.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Broncos, Cardinals, Bengals. 5 (last week 8)

Nice jump for a team that now has at least a fully operational QB at the reins -- the lack of which was the impetus for last week's plummet. Thought Brock Osweiler handled himself extremely well before, during and after the win in Chicago. The Broncos might not have lit up the Bears offensively, but the contest never appeared too heady for Osweiler, who was, all things considered, relaxed. Having that Denver defense behind you sure helps. Just wait until No. 94 gets healthy again.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos.

SB Nation: 4 (last week 6)

The Broncos won in Brock Osweiler's debut, and in doing so got both their defense and their run game back on the right track. Osweiler didn't wow anyone, but he was efficient enough and took care of the football.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Broncos, Bengals.

CBS Sports: 5 (last week 6)

Brock Osweiler did a nice job in place of Peyton Manning, and will start this week against the Patriots. That won't be easy.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Broncos.

Fox Sports: 6 (last week 9)

Making his first NFL start, Brock Osweiler went 20-of-27 for 250 yards, threw two touchdowns, no interceptions, and got a win at Chicago. When Peyton Manning gets healthy, head coach Gary Kubiak will have a difficult decision to make.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Steelers.

Peter King: 6 (last week 7)

This is what’s amazing about the Fine Fifteen this week: Denver improved a spot, moving up from No. 7 last week, with Brock Osweiler playing quarterback Sunday in Chicago—and preparing to play this week against New England. Strange days, minus Manning.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Packers.

PFF: 5

Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas has 3.62 yards per route run on in-routes, which is the most for receivers with more than 15 in-routes. He has 19 targets on 50 in-routes which has led to 15 catches for 181 yards.

Top 5: Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos.

What do you think about these power rankings? Let us know in the comments!